A prayer

When you want to be connected with God, you pray and feel the link. At once you feel at ease. No need to make appointments or wait , get attentive and say , makes you humble but never humiliates.

Prayer gives humans a closeness to God, it is a source of strength. Trust in God gives you a relieve and you start to think , if anything goes wrong , God will help . I have done my part , trying hard , thinking intelligently , waiting patiently and working diligently , my failure and success would depend  how God has planned it for me.

This trust  in God’s decisions and not challenging on set backs , improves our skills.A prayer is a series of words all said and meant , and those unsaid and never thought  of needs is just known to know why? because God knows each one of us  so well.  even we  can never know.

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Come September

Days to remember

when we were together

as friends forever

we tried tricks, so clever

we were  always so close

our friendship was beautiful as rose

yet thorns had to prick..

you promised me to stick

years  in life together

but you left me alone to weep

you drifted in eternal sleep

when now I close my eyes

tears fall I cry

I miss your smiling lips

my closest I miss

when you called my name from far

Now I waved at you looking at  a star

I hope you hear my heart

I feel you close still

I know you are with me

you promised ..never to leave

I believe you..I do believe..

death can not take  you away

although buried deep in sand

I close my eyes and see..

you are looking at me.

I ask you one last request

smile once again for me

as you always did

its love..its free

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