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Merry Christmas !!

I wished my husband’s friend and his family..

He replied,” This year it is not“merry” Christmas for me” I instantly got on a self alarm, as he continued to explain. The political scenario has made his work come to a standstill for the last six months. His family was suppose to reach his in-laws for celebrating Christmas ¬†and to pay respect to his deceased father in law, but they couldn’t as there was a road blockade. His son, a young boy was crying due to disappointments. The day, which he hoped to be filled with laughter and smiles, was turning out to be lonely and depressive..he didn’t even want to say the word,”Merry”

I felt his pain, I could understand how he was traumatized, financially and socially ..small things make us happy, yet those opportunities when denied due to any reasons beyond our control..makes a parent sad..his wife was planning this outing for the last three years..and this year made her really upset..because they were sort of hostage within their house..when will we be free to move and enjoy..I want freedom and peace.

It seems we must tell our leaders to promise us peace and we can be happy with whom we want to be, where we want to go and whatever we want to do ūüôā



Send me flowers please

Before and after episodes of getting married. Before, you may only like the  man who makes you smile with the flowers, candies and card, after the marriage, he makes you mad because he forgot it all. When asked, they have many supporting facts.

Flowers : my dear, your lips are like rose petals and so fresh and beautiful. If we buy flowers, that will cost me money and  poor flower, will die and get dried in agony.

Candies : You are my sweetie pie, why do you need candy , your words are like the most melodious and sweet. such a treat..indeed. Also, look at the weight, aren’t we suppose to take care ¬†of your has weight too..and I am..¬†suffering..because you never carry me, on the other hand I have to¬†sometimes¬†lift you.

Card :)) oh I did design it and even wrote a poetry for you, but the computer got a bit whacky and we couldn’t print ..what to the time I left office, all the nice book shops were closed, so i thought I will recite you the poem in chorus..

So, my romantic lover turned into a dutiful husband has made me smile..I find it amusing that even today, he felt obliged to bring me flowers, candies and card for any occasion that I want to¬†celebrate¬†I never, tell him , it doesn’t matter..for you are the gift of my life..