Women in fashion world

Glamorous and perfect

but without a smile..

walking  head up in the limelight

Turning heads for a while..

making men shift in their seats side to side

only the women must reveal and display..

men are generally wearing everything from head to heel..no play ­čśë

Why so thin ? Why size zero is in ­čśë

How many parades would satisfy the valuable clients..you think

Women in fashion line design and parade

What you want others to wear..watch and wait

Few can fit in the perfectly design line

Women, they  smile and tell you..everything is just fine

Camera action..lots of clicks

Photographs  displayed..making eyes tick

trying to memorize her eloquence in dress

admiring the lovely beauties..all in their best


Soul Sold !

Ana Teresa Fernandez oil painting (13).forblog

The fashion world was ever competitive and  Sandra was fighting to keep her position as the top model. But, she was aware, that very quickly, her position was getting challenged and she was already scaled down, from top to second. This troubled her , made her nights sleepless and days weary. As, she took off to the cold winter evening walk, it was not the chilling breeze, that was freezing her but the very thought, how to stop from sliding down. Climbing up was so much fun..she was walking when an old woman, rather ugly haggard woman was standing with a basket full of red apples.

Sandra, felt cold bite her bones. She stammered, ” Oh! I did not see you coming.”

Woman,” You can not my child. For, I am your friend from the dark side.”

Sandra,” What do you mean.?”

Woman,” You want to remain on the top , don’t you? This great looks you got,it shouldn’t be wasted..”

Sandra,” How I wish, that my calibre was appreciated as long as I am young and fresh..”

Woman,” This can happen…but..”

Sandra,” What? tell me..I will do anything to remain as the top model.”

Woman,”Any thing?”

Sandra,” Absolutely!”

Woman,” Then, eat this apple and close your eyes as you munch..munch ”

Sandra, took the apple and closed her eyes and started to eat the apple..after a few bites she couldn’t bite, She openned her eyes, and could see herself eating the apple…but where am I? She realized..that her soul was transferred to the body of this ugly woman..Shocked, she asked,” But..you turned me into an ugly woman!”

Woman,” You wanted, this body to be on the top..I will keep it on the top..and you..you will pass your days, trapped inside my old haggard body.

My apple was not free, it was in exchange for your soul..you ate my apple and I took your body and sent your soul to mine…

Sandra, screamed..loudly..free me..I don’t belong to this body..but the lovely Sandra with the evil soul just disappeared..in the misty night.