Mail Order Bride

The women were from another planet. They were in liquid form but would take the shape of anything or anyone within seconds. Men knew about them and usually, they didn’t mind because all were liquid.Soon they started getting married to loners, their generation was a mixture of the earthling and Sana Sana. This cross led to a new breed that was mortal yet able to get into various forms.If someone wanted a woman as mail order, all they had to do was to describe her as a dream girl. Sana Sana would send a woman just as described with super intelligence. They were slowly killing the real women and taking over.They would give birth only to girls. After they had killed and replaced all the women. It was time to kill the men too. Yes! because the women were capable of transforming into another gender as well.


The Swap

It was a middle income locality. Usually professionals occupied the single storied bungalows. This lane was relatively mediocre. It had almost all plots with ground plus two or three storied.

Ravi and his wife, Rekha lived with their 20 year old daughter. The daughter was a college student and Ravi was an Engineer. Ravi sometimes got posted outside his city. Rekha was photographer, she sometimes got assignments for publicity of buildings and she also liked to cover marriage parties. Since she was a quite person, her clients were happy to have her.

The family lived in their own house which was ground plus one. Ground floor was occupied by them and they had a couple living on first floor as tenant. The tenant was Rajiv Sharma and his wife Leena , they had a son who was always at a boarding.

The two families had cordial relationship. Leena was from a rich family and Rajiv was an architect who earned sufficiently but was not really rich. As years passed both the couple added 20 years to their life.

One night Leena fell ill and she was told to take complete rest. Initially they had hired a cook, nurse and domestic help. Rajiv monetary conditions were drained and he no longer could afford the cook. Rekha was kind hearted, she would cook for both the family on daily basis for which she just covered the groceries.

After three years Leena died peacefully. Rajiv was alone and so he was invited for breakfast and dinner daily , and Rekha also prepared his lunch. He was now part of the family, who paid rent.

Ravi was posted for six months outside the city, there he met Camilla, who was in her 30s and single. Camilla was very spirited and sweet, Ravi was their paid guest. Ravi soon got very much attracted to Camilla. Both were quick to realize that they made a perfect couple.

Rekha was patiently waiting for Ravi calls or video calls , which started to get lesser with time. Ravi extended his stay by 3 months. Rekha wanted to join her husband but since her daughter Rakhee was studying she had to stay put.

On his return Ravi was quick to disclose about his affair with Camilla. He was very clear in his disclosure. Rekha was shocked but she wasn’t depressed, perhaps secretly she had started to admire Rajiv who was friendly and caring. He always had a sweet word of appreciation.

Ravi gave her the ground floor portion of the house and took the rent from Rajiv directly. After six month, Rajiv proposed to Rekha and they got married.

Rakhee was happy with decision. Then one day on afield trip she met someone who was everything a girl would desire. Rakhee confided in Rekha and Rajiv. They gave her the green signal and date was fixed for the young man to visit their new apartment which Rekha bought after selling off her old portion.

That evening was special. Rajiv was busy as was Rekha, right on dot the bell and Rakhee brought in her boyfriend. He was no other than Rajiv’s son.

The moment of happiness was turned into a shock. How can Rakhee marry her own brother? A silence fell and Rakhee was crying.

Rajiv then said it is not a problem, because Ratan is a son from Leena’s first marriage.

Wow ! that was a relief.



It was a dark night in the old castle. Lights were off as thunder and lightning were giving jolts. The woman was alone, she was left by her husband to wait for a while. But he was nowhere, with sunset the entire forest was howling with wounded sound.

Who was hunted? Who got killed? The woman was shivering and she thought it was best to enter the castle.

Here there was pitch darkness. No sound. No light. She could hear the rustling of leaves and breeze. Suddenly, she felt a chill and looked towards the wall. It started to glow and the mirror was so beautiful. The woman turned to look at herself, her face was younger and prettier. Her hair was long and flowing. What a transformation. For a few minutes, she forgot about her husband and was lost in admiring her reflection. The mirror was asking her to touch her face in the reflection, as she touched. Something pulled her inside, tearing her skin and bruising her arms. Oh! the misery. She was trapped inside the mirror. She wanted to scream but couldn’t, her voice was lost and her eyes were blinded with blood.

A voice was calling and someone was shaking her, no she didn’t want to go..”Get up Linda,” said her husband

Linda had fallen asleep watching the horror movie.



It was an art gallery. Lots of hand sketches hung onto the wall. Beautiful women, slim and tall. Few men and old people . Dominating was a half drawn sketch by a famous artist who had died mysteriously.

Late in the dead of night, window opened and a beautiful girl floated inside the artist huge studio. He was sleeping, tired from a day long outdoor sketch at a graveyard. Jim had quickly sketched an open grave It was a woman’s grave. He did not pay much attention at that time, just rolled up his sleeves and captured the view.

In the darkness, Lyla’s white robe was flowing with breeze. Her cold dead fingers reached for Jim’s jawline. Jim could feel the cold touch. He startled and was shocked to see Lyla so close.

Jim.” Who are you?”

Lyla,” I am Lyla”

Jim,” What are you doing in my studio?”

Lyla,” What were you doing over my grave?”

The question made Jim very frightened. He couldn’t reply for full five minutes.

Lyla, “Why? What happened? You are free to visit me but I need a reason to come here?”

Jim,” I am sorry”

Lyla,” Don’t be. I am very happy.”

Jim,” What are you happy about?”

Lyla, “To have found you.”

Jim was now even more scared. Thoughts were racing in his mind.

Lyla came very close to him. He could smell wet earth and something rotten.

Lyla stepped back and said,” You can smell my grave”

Jim,” What!”

Lyla, ” Do me a favor Jim. Close my grave and get my body into the grave. It was stolen by the grave digger.”

Jim was lost for words.

Lyla,” if you do not do as I ask. Then you will have me as a regular visitor”

The morning light was now filtering into the studio. Lyla disappeared.

Jim quickly took a shower . He then went to the pastor. They formed a group, intimidated the police. A search was conducted and soon the grave digger got arrested. He had sold Lyla’s body to the nearby hospital. Her body was minus some parts, whatever was remaining got buried and the grave was closed.

As night approached Jim waited. Lyla appeared she was smiling.

That night Jim drew her sketch but couldn’t complete it. He died and following day was surprisingly buried next to Lyla. Now they have a friendly conversation and discuss art, because Lyla was an art critique.


Gift from Sea

A poor woman was distressed and sitting next to a tributary. Suddenly , her feet slipped. And she was getting drowned. Oh! would I die . was the thought  frightening her. Suddenly, she found herself standing in the bottom of the lake. Here, a tall man motioned her to follow him, she did as told and in a cave she saw the man’s wife , in labor pains. The man, again looked at her, and she got to work. Soon, the mother gave birth to twelve children of the sea. The father was pleased, picking up some corals from the bed, he gave it to the woman.

After, sometime she found herself on the shore. Then she realized, that she was alive.Looked at her hands, it had corals. Now, she was not happy for she thought about her poverty. In distress, she threw the corals and walked to her hut. Next, morning she woke up and wanted to wash her clothes, as she turned her pockets inside out..Lo! where there were there were gold. She couldn’t believe that she had thrown the most of it along the shore. Running  back to the spot she witnessed a crowd, laughing and rejoicing for the treasure they got, gold nuggets were found along the shore line .

Ah! my  bad luck thought  the  woman to herself.. why did I throw away the corals in despair. As, she walked away and reached her house, she found one barrel lying in the front door. Bending down, she tried to pick it up. Too heavy. Then she pulled it upright and made it steady. There was gold coins in that barrel with a small note.

The corals were by me. Gold from my wife. But the barrel is from the children of the sea.


Friends or foes

Two ladies  lived  as neighbors for fifteen years. Since, they were close they shared their everyday incidents and activities too. Both were widows. One had daughters who supported her and the other was living with her nephew ‘s family.

Let us give names, the one with daughters is  Mrs. Happy and other is Mrs. Sad.

Mrs. Happy was eager to save money and make jewellery for her  daughters, and she would show that to Mrs. Sad. Unknowingly, it made Mrs. Sad ..more depressed and mad.

Jealousy was getting higher and uglier..Mrs… Sad was also fed up with all the noble instructions that Mrs. Happy would give her, on saving and tidying etc. Mrs. Sad never had any what to save? And her house had little to tidy up.

Mrs. Sad  liked to eat ice cream, as she never  had money she would ask Mrs. happy to buy  her some..although she did but later  on she will remind Mrs. Sad about how many times she had given her treats and never got any treat from her.. Mrs. Sad  couldn’t give her anything except a company.

One day..Mrs Sad got a phone call from her late husband’s friend , demanding money which her  husband borrowed some ten years back..she went to Mrs. happy for getting a loan to pay off the old loan.

Mrs. Happy didn’t agree. And Mrs. Sad was pressurized by the lender. She got mentally day when no one was around..Mrs.. Sad stole the jewelries from the cupboard and as she was leaving Mrs. Happy caught her..frightened she pushed hard, killing Mrs. Happy instantly as her head struck the corner of the table..

Mrs. Sad left and gave the gold ornaments to the lender..later that evening Mrs. Sad also died with a stroke.

The lender went to sell off the ornaments and was caught by the local police..and was charged for murdering Mrs. Happy..

There is no moral to this is an incident that makes poverty unbearable..that you commit a crime without thinking..had Mrs. Sad knew..that she would die so soon maybe she wouldn’t have killed Mrs. happy..or if Mrs happy given her a loan to help..she would be still is complicated or simple..depends what happens when it happens and how.


Magical Mermaids

The beautiful cave at Melissia , in Greece was where the mermaids lived. The photo contest was the reason for Stanley to station at the beginning of March. As, he was  moving around in his small boat, he could feel a big fish passing under and around, it was a dolphin ? or what? Too playful for shark. As, he tried to capture the picture of this shiny water borne surfaced and smile !!

Stanley couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw the mermaids, yes not one but few..all shining with armoured scales and saying something very nosily but cheerful. They signalled him to follow..and somehow he didn’t feel afraid. he nodded and at once, his boat was turned upside down by the tail of the blue mermaid.

Splahed! oh! my camera he thought..but it was held high by the green mermaid..this one was sweet. She took it to the nearby surface and let it be..and then off they the mermaids held his hands and dived many more..were under the sea..all in a good mood..Soon Stanley was getting many types of greens to munch on, as the mermaids  ate he also tried few..and then..his feet became a tail!!

He was turning into a mermaid !! he panicked but the green mermaid gave him a small rock to lick..which he did and tail got back into feet..that was really frightening..This became a regular visit and Stanley took many underwater photographs with his water prrof camera..nobody would believe he took many pictures. Happy and accomplished, he returned to land and got his major exhibition of the year award.

As, he was leaving the art center, few ladies approached him , they seemed familiar but he couldn’t if they understood and the green eyed woman touched his shoulder. Her hands started to get scales. They all laughed and left him standing dripping with sea water..mermaids are magical they are from sea but they can find you on land it seems :))


The ring

The ocean was calm as waves were  lapping on the coast. The man was walking along the beach , when he felt something and picked it up. It was a muddy rock, he started to dissolve it ,in the waves that touched his feet, making him sink,

There was a ring , he was amused and returned to work and finally went to his hotel room. At night in his dreams a woman appeared , she was all gagged up and silently screaming, he woke up with real tremors. This nightmare made him suffer for the entire week . The man thought deep…what did he do to deserve this unpleasant sleepless nights. It dawned on him about the ring, before departing for home,  he returned to the beach and with full force threw the ring towards the ocean.

A police man was standing next to him..who asked him what did he just threw..confused and perspiring , he told the entire episode. The police squad got the ring , and started to dig where the man had pointed out..and guess what a woman’s body was exhumed…it was the woman from his dream.



The night was dark and silent. Martha was late, she had just managed to finish her work at the Mansion. Hurriedly, she was walking towards her little cottage across the old cemetery. It was cold, and she was shivering as she walked and was about to reach the boundary wall, she could see a shadow. Martha was getting cold but she walked bravely to this shadow man.

Man, ” Hi. I am new here can you help me please?”

Martha,” I am in a hurry. What do you want? What are you doing here?”

Man,” I was buried here, a few hours ago. I am feeling cold and hungry.”

Martha was frozen like ice. She was trying to think, but fear was over coming all logical thoughts.

Ghost, ” Are you afraid of me?”

Martha, ” I what?”

Ghost,” Please don’t be. I mean no harm. Didn’t you watch Casper..the friendly ghost. Think I am like that”

The ghost extended his hand to shake with Martha. They shook hands and Martha started to feel better. They now walked together towards her cottage.

Martha,” Do you want to eat?”

Ghost,” Yes. When I was killed. I was about to have my lunch.”

Martha,” What would you like to eat?”

Ghost,” How about..hmm a bread with butter?”

Martha,” okay. What is your name?”

Ghost,” I am Jim Morgan. “

Martha,” You said you were new here. So, are you from and how did you reach here?”

Jim,” I came to deliver the sofa set. I wanted to eat, so I parked my van at the roadside. And wham! someone just ran over me. There were four men, they carried me to this place ..I mean there and left me.”

Martha gave Jim a bread, but he couldn’t eat it and felt sad. Next morning Jim was gone. Martha told this episode to everyone she came across but no one believed her. After finishing her work as she came out from the Mansion, lo! Jim was waiting for her with a smile. hence, they became good friends and soon they got married..well technically 🙂

Martha and Jim had four daughters. All her pregnancies were invisible by day time and visible only at night. She was now very happy, her children were also like their father. They never ate anything. As, Martha grew old the daughters grew up as beautiful young women.

The family would go for outing at night only. Martha got the name of old maid with tales in her head, but she didn’t seem to care. Martha was happy with Jim. One day, as she got up with sunrise her family didn’t disappear, she was happy and wanted to know why.

Jim,” Martha, my love look…”

Martha looked and saw her dead body lying on the bed.

She had died.

Her daughters now live in the cottage and lure young men to be their partners . The villagers are upset and want to burn them, but the four witches got power from the day and night..So, its tricky to catch them. Many people tried but all failed.

The old wise men decided to cage them within magical rays. Only the great Evil can enslave them and put an end to the disappearance of the young men from their village.

That night Martha and Jim felt helpless and sad, when their four daughters were caught with powers from the dark side and given to the all Evil..he will eat them and get their powers as additional strength to his evilness.


Trees are old and words are gold

This is a story. Never was told. Long time back, when time was measured with glass hour and shadows from sun, falling on the long pin like bamboo. All the bamboos but one, were in circle..this particular bamboo would swing, each hour. each minute. Tick tick.

The blues elf from the wonder tree would then sing a help the bamboo..tell the time to trees.Why, did trees want to know time..that was a mystery and no one spoke about it. Not because they feared the trees, because no body could speak or think..yes words had disappeared.. the time was suppose to bring those letters back that formed words..

Actually, the tree was complaining that all its branches were getting broken for making the pencil, and the ink from leaves and flowers were killing them. hence, the go green court ordered all those who wanted to write or think, to stop all that immediately or the plant will leave earth.

We.. the lost souls have been told to remain silent..unless we can invent technology to recycle the pencil/lead/ink we use..or else, our entire generation would remain silent..just like today..forever..tick tick tick..the time has sent a message with the sun .

Quickly, we got computers and it was a relief. Alphabets, words and grammar all are back:)