FRIDAY the 13th


The stories you heard or rather watched in movies..did it send cold shiver down your spine.

Did anyone think..why Friday the 13th was selected for bringing in the uprising of buried evils from the other side…Not really yet the date and day is popular for remembering a thriller movie.

No one wants to live on the 13th floor of any building nor get an apartment that has a number 13 roads no lanes ..what is wrong with people 🙂

Nothing..after all it is but natural to be a bit superstitious .

Thirteenth….comes in each month but when it appears on a Friday ..there is a devilish is going to happen..just a chance to scare someone or anyone..who is easily convinced about demons and vices..including genie.

From the graveyards/cemeteries who can return to haunt..and if it was so easy..where are all the loved ones. They could revisit us..and as I came to my mind..suppose we as humans  develop a code system or hearing aid..that can make all that inaudible into audible level…and the dead they speak to us..all murder mystery would get solved..we would know what happens after death..and whether our belief is right or not..but those who got burned can they return..maybe..if its about souls only..why our dreams we see our  friends who died..they always are silent..few times they speak..why they are mostly silent. I want to know..but in my dream it is not possible to remember all my queries from a world I live in..yet when they come I feel good.

I have no fear about Fridays..nor have any superstitious thoughts about a is second odd number and starting of number series with a resonating end.

Evil or Devil ..maybe with us everyday and all the time..they don’t use calendar . or do they ? So..why did Jason chose this very date  to kill  …point to ponder…was it fluke or just that 13 was unlucky after all as it got picked up for naming a horror movie.


The little boy with bare body and a tiny cap..admired the bird in the cage..looking from far..a photographer captured was a prisoner of poverty and another caged for eternity.

The bird could see the sky so high, and felt the urge to say goodbye to the little master..if he  let her go..wanted to feel the wing spread as it could fly..and the wind carrying it high and high..The bird was  hoping that one day perhaps I can test the strength of my wings.But the little master ..couldn’t understand her woes.

The little master was also caged, his was the invisible  cage of poverty and limitations.He wanted to play and study as his age children did, but he was never free. He had to work from dawn to dusk, and get few  pieaces of bread .

Each day, he thought when will the morning dawn, when his time will come to rise and shine, will he be able to compete or the world that seems so wide and big..small hands held the cage door..and wanted to let go his prisoner free..hoping one will fly and feel good..that little master had compassion for thee.Imagee

Friday Fictioneers :)


Historical building documentation led Ashley to this location. As, she adjusted her view point an old man walking towards her , bumped on her making her almost out of balance.
Ashley wanted to call after him, ” Look where you are going ” but she controlled herself. Instead, she managed a, ” I am sorry”
Old Man ,” Do you know my father was involved with this building too.”
Ashley,” How ?”
Old man, ” He looked at this grand facade and told me to stand up and be worth a look”
Ashley smiled, it was a perfect caption for her documentation work make your presence be felt positively.”

Soul Sold !

Ana Teresa Fernandez oil painting (13).forblog

The fashion world was ever competitive and  Sandra was fighting to keep her position as the top model. But, she was aware, that very quickly, her position was getting challenged and she was already scaled down, from top to second. This troubled her , made her nights sleepless and days weary. As, she took off to the cold winter evening walk, it was not the chilling breeze, that was freezing her but the very thought, how to stop from sliding down. Climbing up was so much fun..she was walking when an old woman, rather ugly haggard woman was standing with a basket full of red apples.

Sandra, felt cold bite her bones. She stammered, ” Oh! I did not see you coming.”

Woman,” You can not my child. For, I am your friend from the dark side.”

Sandra,” What do you mean.?”

Woman,” You want to remain on the top , don’t you? This great looks you got,it shouldn’t be wasted..”

Sandra,” How I wish, that my calibre was appreciated as long as I am young and fresh..”

Woman,” This can happen…but..”

Sandra,” What? tell me..I will do anything to remain as the top model.”

Woman,”Any thing?”

Sandra,” Absolutely!”

Woman,” Then, eat this apple and close your eyes as you munch..munch ”

Sandra, took the apple and closed her eyes and started to eat the apple..after a few bites she couldn’t bite, She openned her eyes, and could see herself eating the apple…but where am I? She realized..that her soul was transferred to the body of this ugly woman..Shocked, she asked,” turned me into an ugly woman!”

Woman,” You wanted, this body to be on the top..I will keep it on the top..and will pass your days, trapped inside my old haggard body.

My apple was not free, it was in exchange for your ate my apple and I took your body and sent your soul to mine…

Sandra, me..I don’t belong to this body..but the lovely Sandra with the evil soul just the misty night.


ASK : Always Seek Knowledge

So, do you sometimes ask yourself 🙂

If, you think or say that other’s way are bad or improper, does it make you good and correct.

if you argue, ” what is” is actually not. does it make it not.

If you have not seen or know about a specific discovery or norm, does it cease to exist.

If you got limitations in your attitude and use of knowledge, does it retard other’s progress and prosperity.

If, you ask each day , each time you challege others on a concept an idea, a philosophy yourself too a question equally targetted, to understand your own capacity on that subject, it will make your questions more relevant and achieved.

You are..and your very existance does matter, so how would you make it worth while you are still here to ask and answer, life’s questions for you.

Think and it happens.

How convenient it would be , if we we were able to visit places and return without any visa. Just energize and get transported, from east to west. Stay at home and attend college abroad. When time would change, it wouldn’t matter to our local time. It keeps same, and we return from past to present, and future . Time and space, in control and not controlling us. Next, comes people what if each one can become as the other wants them to be, yet remain as they are in real.

Have, we ever thought, why the world got so many types of people, skin, hair, height etc.How can we get mixed, andform new typologies. 

I want to imagine and live, so all I need is a mental stimuli and it happens, as I when everyoneis thinking, the world is changing for each one of us yet not efecting others. We, got clones that never meet.

And…animal Kingdom..yes..we can also do some cross breed and develop new species as we did with cars etc..yes I am talking about hybrid.

It is a wishful thinking, where everything can and does happen with each person’s choice , yet doesn’t effect anyone.

It is not heaven 🙂 we are not dead… yes we are in a dream 🙂

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1/. WordPress Blogging is my first experience with posting any write-up

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4/. I think, even if I die, my words would remain with few people as a reason to smile.

5/. There are are four blogs other than kalabalu, each has a blend of flavors but in a light mood.

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