Hello :)


Small hi..makes instant effect..on lips it brings a smile

in mind we feel relaxed..heart gets a lift..and you return a hello 🙂

how are you? how is life ? its all about the other person..feels good to know and let each day..take out time from your busy schedule and text, call or meet those who are important on a daily basis..that doesn’t mean to barge into another’s life..just a short hi …

I do that..often..and feels good 🙂 try it 😉

Laughter Life Nature Picture Poetry

Need to write


a line or two..for you..

Yes you 😉

the one who smiles while reading the blog post.

Isn’t it mysterious like a ghost

A pen without any hand

writing away a message

for everyone ..I care


Laughter Life Picture Poetry



Morning or evening whatever time you choose
I got the coffee ready for you
Sweet or bitter, smiling and true
creamy and sugary , this hot drink for you
taste it with closed eyes
sip it slowly and wake up anew
drink up and feel good..its specially for you