I forgot myself today

I was thinking about social values , economical situation , political order..or rather chaos..I wanted to pray and ask ..then I remembered nothing more to ask ..just forgiveness…perhaps kindness..a warm encircling light to enlighten my soul..I find asking for achieving my goals..but I was not suppose to ask for more..yet when I pray I forget myself..and remember God…I suddenly feel..I must thank and be grateful for kindness and is easy to forget oneself..when we start to pray..

Life Picture Poetry

Shadow a part of me

Shadows you play with me

On dark side, intangible and silent

Never touched nor felt

Moving away, coming under

Sometimes I chase you

Others you follow me

When I stand up, you lay down

I can not read your expressions

are you smiling

or do you frown

Changing in length,

Deforming in shape

Using a surface you mange to stay

when light disappears

you cease to exists

You are part of me

Look like me

But never can I want to be..a shadow indeed


Development Nature

Dangerous Transition

There are four stages for mind to change its thinking or attitude towards living a life on earth.

First Stage : I am sure about my insight for good and evil. I choose good  and leave evil.

I am straight forward, honest and have nothing to hide nor fear.

I am an angel 🙂

Second Stage : I know what is good and evil, still for a reason or cause I opt to indulge in evil ways.

I am trying underhand dealings, manipulating ways and I got some secrets hidden away.

I am human 😉

Third Stage : I understand the values of good but then, evil ways are much easier and faster.

I got a darker side to my life, my close associates know about it, but I have convinced them

how it works. They will keep my secret too.

I am a partner with Satan. 🙂

Fourth Stage : I find goodness to be an idea, a theory only.

I have experienced and sharpen my skills in mastering the evil ways and I promote only evil.

I am the Satan 😦