Intangible emotions

Who am I to you?
The question is easy but difficult to answer. How I feel is yet not classified, categorised, or labelled under any head. I miss you if you don’t show up. I think about you when you disappear. So, it is possible that after leaving the platform, I am still with you in my thoughts. Though it is never deliberate nor forced, it is how I feel.
Sometimes, I feel that emotions are too many in types. Love to hate or reverse is a long journey, where there is rainfall and sunshine. I love rainfall, for it drenches me to the core, it hides my tears and gets me cool. How I love it, I want to catch it and close my eyes to feel that freshness and smell the fragrance of the soil.
I am very ordinary in my thoughts, but I do imagine many things when I see an image and it ignites and inspires me to write a comment that is odd. Still, I write because I must be honest in expression.
Label me as crazy or funny. I am what I am.


Flowers for you ( repost)

Beautiful and so many filled with morning dew

Fresh with a fragrance that allures

Softness in colour and texture too

Flowers are the source of happiness for you

A gift, recognition and the last adieu

Flowers are from me to you 🙂

To say that ” I love you”


Have written did you read

Written many stories

Written many songs

All got happy endings

All were strong

If you want to listen

Then come along

I got many moments

That can be lovely to surround


Need a hug! ( repost)

Need me?

Want me?

Like me?

Fond of me?

Crazy for me?

Adore me?


It’s okay, I am a squirrel and no more

Got bushy tail

Busy life

Cute face

Lovely eyes

Always smile

Never cry 😀


Love is..

The carrot and banana

Were so much in love

But they forgot

One was fruit

Another was vegetable

One was hard

Another soft

One was white

Other reddish-orange

they never could get together

Although one thing was the same

Both could be eaten raw or cooked

Was slender and round

But, the difference was more than similarity

So they never could get along

That’s why we never think of them as the same

Banana became banana split

Carrot turned into ” gajar ka halwa” ( google it)

So it proved, nice things end up sweetly 😀


Phantom ( repost)

Oh the phantom has lost his power

And he now sits on graves

He does not scare me at all

I am not afraid

I know that he is scary

Actually, he needs a shave 😀

I will get him clean clothing

And ask him to behave

Dear phantom don’t be naughty

Not nice to make a face

Come down from the tombstone

Dinner is served at 8.00




Friends are not your family

They’re here by your choice

They will stay

If you are nice

They’re will listen n read

They’re your heart beat

So try to keep

Be nice and sweet


Hug me too

Hugs are awesome,

they connect with hearts

embraced with arms,

and neck to last

press and feel

how warm how real

hugs are warm

and better still

when a kiss is added

to part or pull

hug with warmth

hug tight and full

young beautiful dancer posing on a studio background

Love is sent

Love sent with love today

More intense

Not afraid

More than sweet

a little treat

a hug a feel

that love is real

( image source Pinterest)


Yes :) I do!

Some don’t, some do

I do

I remind you it’s my birthday

Or you forgot to wish

Or that I did miss

Your exchange of greetings

A nod, a smile, a hug or pat

I like this, and I love that

I do

I am direct and frank too 😉

Never leave friends aloneAlways disturb them