Friends are not your family

They’re here by your choice

They will stay

If you are nice

They’re will listen n read

They’re your heart beat

So try to keep

Be nice and sweet


Hug me too

Hugs are awesome,

they connect with hearts

embraced with arms,

and neck to last

press and feel

how warm how real

hugs are warm

and better still

when a kiss is added

to part or pull

hug with warmth

hug tight and full

young beautiful dancer posing on a studio background

Love is sent

Love sent with love today

More intense

Not afraid

More than sweet

a little treat

a hug a feel

that love is real

( image source Pinterest)


Yes :) I do!

Some don’t, some do

I do

I remind you it’s my birthday

Or you forgot to wish

Or that I did miss

Your exchange of greetings

A nod, a smile, a hug or pat

I like this, and I love that

I do

I am direct and frank too 😉

Never leave friends aloneAlways disturb them


Come September

Slowly you come into life with fallen leaves
Reminding us, we must shed our miseries
The year is almost towards the end
What has broken needs to mend
If you have forgotten your close friends
Call them again , meet them again
Life is asking you to think
What are your important links


Hang in there

if you hang a little longer

you will get taller and smarter

then you can jump and land safely

get come courage little baby


waiting for you

There is a way to go about in life

believe in self and devote in love

be happy with smiles that adorn your face

It is a gift from God 🙂

If you never regret

there is no pain

for love makes you rich in soul

It gives you hope

it inspires your heart

to sing a song that replays from start

a place in heart for you is niched

it remains empty in wait for you

in your place live memories of love

a love that makes me completely above

like stars in the night

like flowers in bloom



The blue heartsays,” I love you.”

will you be true?

yep, eat with a gulp

and finish in

one or two

Don’t burn candles

Don’t blow virus onto

my smooth finished surface

so soft, so sweet and fresh

Like the morning dew

Not the cake

the love for you


Reflections ( re-post)

Two Mirrors in a room on the opposite walls. I step in a space between two mirrors and see my reflection within a reflection. Stretching endlessly, as if I will disappear but I remain an image in both.As, I turn from one to another to have a little fun in this lock down. I can not tell others what fun it is to play alone, it amuses me and I know that it is silly.

Life is full of mirrors, each show us how we are placed in time. Somewhere we are endless, somewhere we are diminishing in our size,stature and position. As, we cross the images , we know exactly, how we looked in each phase. And the reality is that we can not see ourselves without a mirror, that is exactly how we are seen in life, by another person’s eye.

Life gives us many mirrors to reflect upon.



Hope has wings and strings attached

Don’t overload

Nor pull for a start.

It may break and you will fall

from the top

hit the wall!