The rain and the breeze

I stand alone in a dream

Nature is my company

I love the feel

The drops hits my palm with force

I want to capture all of those

But no one can do that it seems

Rain you drop so many

Breeze you touch and go

taking away my sorrows

Love the nature that surrounds me

I love your company


Ask me anything

I will answer right away
may be not truth
or half truth is what I say
yet..ask me anyway
Sometimes a question
is an answer to silence
to a smile
to a feel
that you left behind
Ask me a question
I will remain silent till you go insane
that is a question I never answer
as it would be a mistake
if you find this poetry in confusion
I will stop it right now today

When I was young

I had a sharp tongue

screamed on top of my lungs

swayed away, strayed and lunged

Quick in mind and words

Survived those days

got away with murder

Not more

I realized one thing for sure

words can be friends

can make enemies to end

I now think and say

each day..a bit no more that I can admit

to have said it almost sweet and right

press lips fights

Life is better than before

Youth may have gone

smile is set on lips

no more need to bite the tongue tip

Where there is a will there is a way :)

Sounds  promising , as a philosophy and out look in life..but what if the traffic takes it literally 🙂

Chaos ..yessssssssssssssss ..But here  we all seem to be enjoying this every moment adventure. Who uses roads ? Pedestrains, cyclist, three wheelers, cars, vans,  trucks and buses. What type of people drive or ride..type eh 😉 Well..all are drivers..some just drive you crazy..The first thing they learn is the three wheeler..very innocent looking vehicle no air pollution, except bad  odour emitting time to time due to pressure and gas 😉 It has a 2.5 inches in the front thin and slim, it can block anyone..just a nudge and can not go further the rickshaw puller (three wheeler) has tricked you..just when the traffic police signalled that it was your turn. You can not yell at him..ask me..why!! because he is poor..with that reason..he can get away with murder..Poverty , is the root of all miseries..and you sitting behind a poewered  wheel, with humming a/c don’t know how the heat makes you grind..SO, all this in your press your lips and let him sway in and paddle..slowly..after all he is human remember.. time the traffic police signals, you are so sure you get your chance pedestrain decides to cross your car..and oops got a call on her mobile..she  tells you to stay put..this call is very important are about to faint..but she is cool in this why can’t you be tolerant atleast 🙂

Finally, your turn comes and you cross the you are driving, on a road  originally designed for four lanes ..but people are so improvising..and innovative.they make five each one is really close ..and traffic crawls..the person in front of you  is Mr Perfect, so he wants to clean his dash board right now..he slows his car to almost dead stop and the guy beside you gives you a side with his head turned  facing the opposite direction..daring you to reveal your driving skills..not so easy eh..The traffic moves..and suddenly, the bus driver  wants to drop off the passengers in the middle of the road..he just stops!! eeee too stop the passengers jumps down and gives you a mean look..were you trying to run over them !! You let them cross and jump over the  barricade.. The traffic department has  constructed all along the road a divider to keep trafiic flowing easily..but since  sports is not really cheap so  pedestrain do this  jumping the hurdels daily..yes they jump over the  divider and lands  in front of your car and ask you rudely..” Don’t you see me ?” are  jumping from the what !! I am poor..nobody can fight that…traffic stops drivers change lanes in hopes of going fast, but as they change lanes they stop all those coming from behind to a halt..Now the important people can not and must  not be delayed with all this they drive  towards the  oncoming traffic with a siren like horn..blaring and glaring..well the glaring part is with the head lights that flickers..if by chance anyone  comes from the opposite side..they will be accused of blocking them 🙂 finally we reach and the  cars ont he wrong side also reaches the crossing..but..we get stopped and they are allowed to go first !! but they were breaking the traffic had risked enough by  venturing  into the wrong side of the traffic you must let them go..after all they are the true followers of “Where there is a will there is a way “

Online or hotline ;)

It is not about cheating..nope..its not about is all about the zero error deception 😉

In any instant  we think, plan scheme about a lie. Or we fabricate , find an excuse or imagine self pity.We, find not in the truth, for that is all for exposure. We, first tell the lie to ourself, and perfect it to share with another.

Much earlier, when social media was not so much in, people did go for a fling a look, a hook :)) but the internet has given this chance of getting on line..and making it a hot line..untill ..that line gets disconnected..due to a certain reality. Then brooding starts..the feeling of emptiness and return to real life..sort of revenge.

Some hope to be missed and others make sure they are remembered..but in the whole scenario, feelings have and had traveled so far..only magic can be the answer. Is it love or not,  just a lust no one can actually  put a mark.

Thumb rule is, love can not be forgotten  but lust can be mistaken for love ..definition of love can be many..but some say, when your last thought before you sleep and first thought when you wake up, determines who is your true love :))

So..for a conscious about the two don’t report to anyone..just know it 🙂