There are many masks ( source Pinterest) but the one we wear is the invisible one. Not everyone can see, we mask our inner self to deceive and please. Mostly to please , because our reality is not acceptable in a world where beauty is skin deep.

Where richness is never questioned , so we hide our poverty. We hide under a cover ,leading a masked life. Sometimes we hide our age, at times our nature ,our back ground for getting praised for who or what we are not.

World is a mirror and we the unknown faces , silent witness to unbearable injustice and immoral behavior. We have lost our souls in search of recognition from those who lie and impose unrealistic standards.

Can we ever free from the mask and become pure and visible?


on my mind

Whenever I open my eyes I find you on my mind

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The broken camera


Years captured through the fine lenses

making people smile..without any senses

Just…you walked in and commanded to do

people lined up and smiled at you

You called out cheese..and everyone did their best for you

the girls would giggle and children would cry too

I found it interesting, till pictures all dried

we gathered around fire and whispered our desires

Careful and slow, we seldom let our elders know

What we decided .. who will be our friend and other’s our foes.

waited  patiently..then dark room brought smiles to my lips

I miss your pushes and your kiss

camera is a picture now..what more can I write

broken images..Oh! what a sight

No matter how empty is  my life

Bored with sleeping each day ..

and waking up to witness no action

no camera clicks

just the clock goes..tick..tick..tick


Laughter Life Picture Poetry

SMile again


Grumble grumble
oh! all the complains
Nothing is working
Complicated and plain
Money is an issue 😉
All efforts to recover in vain
If not physical, then mental pain
Who is this bugger ?
Who drives me insane
with daily pressure
I can hardly smile again
Am I grumbling ?
Did I just complain ?
Sure its catching it effects brain
Beware ! It may hit you like a bullet train

Life Nature Picture Poetry

Rains are awesome

The fallen petals in the lovely rains

Dance with me , please dance again

I am feeling your drops that soak all my clothes

are drenched and wet

But I love rains , I am in debt

to the shower that falls from dark clouds

as you float  away with grace

leaving earth happy

making sky shine again

rains come each day

to fill my pitcher of joy

I would sail once again

with my handmade paper toys

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Roses for me


No, thought the little girl with a smiling face

roses are not mine,

yet want to feel the soft petals with a touch

the beauty of red, softness it holds

roses are better in garden , she thinks

I can smell them longer and watch it till I blink

why they pull roses out of their thorns,

why such beauty must die and get worn 



Diamonds are girls’ best friend :)

Diamonds are girls' best friend :)

Diamonds are forever – friends are forever
Diamonds are hard – friends are hard to find
Diamonds are beautiful – friends are awesome
Diamonds are precious – friends are treasure
Diamonds are actually coal – friends are really gold 😉

art Picture

Gijon Miller _ captures Pablo Picasso -1949 France. (DS mag)




























































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Smithsonian magazine 10th Annual Photo Finalist :)) DS mag.

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Vincent Tomczyk- paper art (DS Mag)

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