You have it but do you want it too ?


A faceless figure with no outstanding attribute

lurking inside you like a devil’s own soul

making you miserable , cranky and old

Jealousy the mother of all evils..that’s what I am told

Partner of Devil

Cousin of Malice

Follower of Lies

Child of Revenge

Will tear you up the end

Where ever Jealousy reigns

Darkness and fear looms

Honesty has no room

Always scheming for a perfect doom

It’s goal to bleed and slaughter

Adams’ sons and daughters

has no remorse no feel

Not an entertaining fantasy..but real

Eject it before others reject you

So..what can be done?

Can you run ?


But, you can try one antidote 

Forgive, others in whatever they do 🙂

What I am telling you true ..

Because..I tried it works just fine

You will feel clean and blessed divine




Photo : source David Bowie -DS Magazine