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Listen and Understand, Feel and Realize.

Words, together like a bead they form a language. Natives when they get into a conversation, each can feel the words said, as we know translations of any literature fails to contain the same richness as the original text. Different nationals when using a common langauge, leave their own and enter a secondary languge, to communicate with people from a different culture, location and background. They exchange their ideas, for reaching out and for being understood. For example here at wordpress, each one may be totally different but at a single forum words are printed as fingers tap on key board.

Next, is the sign language, where words are gone but communication still survives, we now speak with action hands move forming letters or words, facial expression, emotions in eyes and body language all contribute to the skill. When we try to explain a color to a blind person, we use senses is cool water or cucumber maybe used 😉 its like telling someone to hear from inside..feel that color.

What if we started to learn the language of other co-inhabitants of our planet earth. The birds, bees, ants, clouds, mountain and fire, if we could have communicated with each and they too in return, then sounds frequency and information flow would be really enormous. The breeze, would be talking or complaining, policing who is polluting it 🙂

Best is I think when God knows what I am thinking and how  I feel in my heart .God totally understand how I felt,  that connection and communication is beyond anything more relevant than humanely possible, we always talk to God..sometimes  without words, eyes filled with tears..and saying many things..and getting a response from if..I am not alone nor lonely.