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To lie or not to lie ;)

White lies or just a lie..not true a disguise..yet we share for a prize..Why do we lie ? To show off 😉 deceive be lazy ..sort of a way to be “bad” with a good name plate..truth was held high and honesty was a policy..but few thought..why lie and why not just tell everyone how bad we are..that uncomfortable blanket of lie was thrown away..and the point of getting embarrassed for a mistake was ignored..people “didn’t care” what others thought..which was fine..but they started to become their own judge..I will evaluate myself ..sounds okay ..only one problem..we live by a system that everyone has mutually agreed to follow ..for a commonality and understanding..what is right and where is it may happen what was valid few years before will now become obsolete and will get changed..yet values seldom change..a rude remark..abuse in any form can not be accepted..just person thinks that the way he wants to be..and he doesn’t care what others think..nope..society has evolved to create human rights and they will take action against a human being to upheld a law/ to escape this punishment..people lie..sort of turning white and black to a shade of is now neither white nor the law can not punish and due to benefit of doubt let you off the hook.
Then we lie to imagining or collecting reasons or justification for our unjust this we have gone one step ahead in lying..first we committed a mistake and then we have our arguments to support this mistake..see how clever we all are..we are getting better in getting worst..and what is more alarming..we are happy about this double standard and cheater’s life..we ultimately do this for the law/society..earlier we denied that it was we secretly desire to be important in this social ladder..were we lying about our feelings earlier or are we now..should we lie as before or can we stop ourselves..if we can stop or even decide to stop is a step towards saving our souls..we must care for the one thing that lives inside is the reason we live..we are is it possible to save our souls.