Kite fly high

Kite is life..and string is will
you let it fly..and let it bring
hopes and fears
troubles and tears
till it rips out…and fall here


Stages in life…from start

We the players, we act out our scripts. We remain young at heart..for our mind is fresh..but those who are suppressed they get aged much ten..they sound like 20…hearts when it stops to sing…soul gets wings clipped…for no rot and fume…indeed you are doomed..But , those wrinkles that make you labelled as old…are not to be filled with Botox..i am told..when you get old..let your heart shine more brighter…let the soul over come your physical feeble muscles and loose skin…maybe your feet doesn’t tap as fast as before still you can find your way around…with love, respect and honor.

In my mind

I only can think as much as I can feel.

I can feel as much as I can see and learn..

I learn only as much as I seek

I want to know ..where my life goes

I want to ensure ..I never end up in hell to burn

So , I seek the truth in believe and in my self

I want to practice easy it is

Or how hard is it, for me

I must be my own master , before I master skills

I learned  over years in life , from here and there

everywhere ..every one..every source.

I need to learn how to heal.

Acceptance :)

Life is expectations and acceptance. We, are always aspiring to become or achieve a goal, few times we pull or push those we associate with to join or jump for reaching  targets and ultimately to a goal. Success, fame, health ,happiness or wealth, we got our little dream worlds right from the time we remember..yes  🙂 a very long time from that point in life, we now are looking back and ahead too.

Few things are unacceptable, these tend to create tensions and rebellious attitude, we fight for what we think as our right and  we hurt others in this war game. We, win and we lose..leaving our hurdles behind we aim higher and want to proceed faster. Are we chasing time and passing life ? Are we not defeating hearts and winning applause from unknown admirers. Are we popular on social website and an introvert in life ?

Marriage is one huge step in our life, where we “accept” the other as being our partner in all aspects of life. We are sharing from address to bills, name and blame . We are stick on with an invisible glue , clearly opposite yet magnetically attracted to faults, weaknesses  and humor. It feels there is someone within a reach to punch and kiss, hug and miss, tease or please , yet remain indeed your’s faithfully.

But, before we accept another human being into our life, we must accept our self accept ..we must know ..what we are..and what needs to be improved or created that other can find it easy to accept us. Perfection is always easy to accept, because we can relax and feel at ease, imperfection is rather challenging..moods burst and swear…or flare..too many indicators..loudness and your mind can not focus what to say 😉

Close your eyes and see your spouse face . Is it angry or happy ? tired or energetic ? Then open your eyes and look at yourself..can you see those emotions in your eyes ? We, the intelligent specie on earth has a mind that is never fully utilized, yet we always think we are smarter than the other..why? Partly, because we self indulge  or are egoistic..or thick head.

Acceptance is a huge umbrella, it covers more than the vows can ever list. It is a submission of self. A commitment to be able to accept all that may come, good or bad.

When we accept this challenge , then life’s achievements would be fun while we are on it’s journey, each failure would be accepted as each win would be celebrated. Eyes will speak, hands will caution and lips will remain sealed.

The song he is humming, you know which one and the mischievous teasing punch you have aimed just over his nose ..he knows with his eyes closed 🙂

You have learned to accept and there is no more to expect ..than an honest acceptance. 


You from air and I from sea

waves are currents, and motion is clean

I make you cold, as you make me cool

I need air to breathe,

You need water to drink

We are different..Thank God!

Otherwise..I will suffocate and you will die of thirst.

I accept you..Do you ?

Sensible Senses :)

Human beings are the real rulers of this world and the entire universe, in terms of conquering the vastness..we discover more and never create anything except some chaos and tools to plunder.

We, go around eating animals, plants,drinking water and breaking ground or mountains..we seldom feel them as living being as we use those..yet few of us have developed a soft touch for animals and so they do not want to kill them for food..hmmm..But they have yet to feel the same level of sympathy for plants, water and mountains..Killing them or digging up earth for construction or farms never does hurt..what makes us not must be the silent screams…when a branch is ripped or chopped from it’s main cries and moans..groans in pain..but we can not we never feel bad about turning forest into leveled plains..using logs proudly to build nice houses..stating it makes us feel close to nature..We, break stones turn those into sculpture and bleed them, shorten their lives..yet we decorate those on pedestals and claim to be artistic in touch.

Sound..the main sense to start feeling towards any living being..everything is living it is just the size and number of senses that makes it less in our graph, yet we claim to be protecting nature.

We, see but not beyond a certain eyes are just lenses to transfer,  the real image is formed by we see with our brains..we hear..we listen but we can not hear anything from those below or above our audible levels..but are they dumb..not really..when birds sing and it is lovely..yet we never understand them..what they have to tell us each morning while they join us watching the sun rise spreading rays..we can not pull the sun back nor push it away..that is beyond our control..we let it be..

We, touch and feel..we speak many languages ..yet eyes speak when we are silent ..sometimes with tears..sometimes with a wink..we roll the eyes to direct towards a link..we close our eyes to say ..yes..we say so many things..that we feel with eyes..that a blind man can not see..but yet the words sometimes deceive..

We, move and so does the mountains, seas and streams..we all got our routes and ways..some exists we make..we got places to go..even to other universe and systems. We, go away from this earth and look back, what we see? revolving in motions all planets they are moving..yet we never feel this motion..can we not feel? No, that is better for us or we would all get so dizzy 😉

Food 🙂 oh! yes..the taste bud ..we must eat and no limits are set..other than our taste for food and religious back ground..we find the cuisines so tempting and delicious..we never feel for the fish we eat; squids or prawns. While we pull them from waves, don’t they scream and jump and try to escape..from our plate. No one feels any loss in that ? Except for whales..we hear much protest..we want to protect the big fish ..smaller may go ..we can get more ..right ?

Does it mean…we can not eat anything or use anything we have  in our control? of course we can..we the human beings are the only specie that has to learn while we grow and we think and choose our ways to live. None of the other has any role to play, except to live and reproduce or bees, they have no other agenda..They all get born and struggle to survive, mate and die. humans are the only one..who will get questioned for the blessings we have..we will be required to give causes for our behavior..we will be either going to hell or heaven..animals , land, mountains, and seas..even the universe will not be required to give an account of their life here..

Life is about virtues and vices, good and bad..of course ..we all got brains to think and develop ideas, or question the existing general even if few of us deny to be re-born, or be questioned for using and abusing their life …there is a feeling that all this is not made for us ,without reason..we must find the reason..and proceed to live..and ultimately die.

Get buried, cremated, drowned or go round and round in space floating as debris..

We have five senses..controlled by brains we must be sensible as we live now..