Pause to feel

In life, you must pause and feel. To recognize the person or register the emotion. If you never paused, then it is like you passed through life or life passed through you. You were left like a rock. That got polished and shined like a diamond, prized high and admired much, but nothing went inside the mass.

You saved time and hurried up the routine to finish but never get it better or be innovative. Then you became the minutes in hours that ticked away your life.

In life’ signals. There are red, orange, green lights. When in red, pause. Take a moment away from emotions and worries. Think with depth and feel with your heart. Then get ready and go go go, it is green.

The speed is yours, steering is yours, path or road is yours, you can overtake or follow, change lanes or remain in one. Whether it is career or love.

But, each time you decide just before you do…Pause


ocean got waves

Vacations are many and most relaxing is the beach. Have you ever thought why? Let me tell you ; it is because the waves in the ocean has a magical heal. It sends its countless waves to touch your heel, and take away the sand under your feet. Sinking you inch by inch in the shore, making you realize that time is passing and you are with the nature, your value is no more than a minute passing in the universe.

It takes the burden off your shoulder from daily chores, it makes you choke when you watch the sunset or sunrise. The end and beginning of time and day leaves a strong sense of presence. You survived!

Survival is the most crucial of all feats, we try to defeat death , but actually death is never in a fight with life. Death comes to take us from life.


Oceans and Waves

Standing alone I watch the sunset, just like a life from cradle to grave. yet, the entire time it emanates light, heat and waves. It gives energy to all that it face, continuously moving and rotating in space. A cycle of life, will go on till doomsday.

I stand and think, what have I done in this world to link, my worth to the next world that awaits me as per my faith. I am a believer I know my place.

I have come to this world to serve and please, I have come to submit my will for the betterment and peace. Have I done my role as given or had I deceived?

Question is how well have I faired and passed or failed. Result will get announced one day. But then, it would be too late.


Never indispensable

Each one of us is unique and valuable. Our emotional contributions towards our family and friends is special. Our absence or death creates a void that never can be fulfilled. They don’t die but they always miss the presence. No one can replace you in terms of sharing laughter and tears. That is very special, it has bonds with heart.

Workplace is to some extent able to cope up and forget their employees. Although good ones are missed for their brilliance and intelligence. But work continues with new faces.

Inspiration and positivity are contributions that continues to become part of another’s life. We, may have died and turned to dust, but the work and words will reman engraved in the mind and hearts of those who cherished and believed in us.


Let us think

Suppose, just think if we developed a system or machinery such that whatever we want in a person it could happen. Okay, then we will first improve ourselves. We will improve our learning skills, appearance, thinking strategy, eating habits, sleeping and so on. I am sure after sometime we will get bored. When everything will be perfect, we would like to return back to normal. Where we made mistakes, blunders and failed.

It is human nature to deal with challenges, if nothing stir a storm we can not remain calm. We have to experience it. At times I wonder why we get inclined to listen to gossip, an interview that is spicy, why sex sells? Why negativity is attractive. Why people with money spend so much to wear less ? it is because when you reach the top, you want to jump without wings to experience the fall.

Life is a cycle we ride, it gets worn out and punctured. It gets into accidents and maintenance. The need to heal , the scarcity of real and pleasure to deal with life, makes us alive and kicking.


Gone :-)

So true, when you leave nothing is left except memories. No one returns to this world. All that you hear about spirits, well there is no fact.

Once gone, we will never hear a whisper from them. No smell, no feel.

They are all resting in peace or not? We would like to think they are because we want to remain in peace. We come in crying and leave others to cry for us. Both instances, someone carries us, we are unable to travel on our own.

Womb was a dark place and so is the tomb.


How it started?

Life was good for a little girl who had so many stories in her head. Whenever she laid her head on the pillow, all the imaginative characters would come alive. Her story about her role would begin, till she drifted in dreams.

Years passed and finally she completed her storyline, it had characters stolen from her favorite movie and the lead female character will always be strong and funny. The reason humor is important in life, is to be able to smile in darkness.

When we feel empty in our heart and lost in our souls, we must not let depression penetrate and drench our goals. Here is the need to bring the lighter side of life. Not every situation has a hope, in death there is no hope. There is just a long painful trauma, it doesn’t go away because the deceased person is not returning.

After many years , the little girl has grown old and all those who were her elders have gone. She has nobody who she can relate to or confide. Her stories are now just memories from past, who did what and when. The series of thoughts stops with each death, everyone left forever except afew.

Missed the story teller who would come up with a happy ending to all fairy tales, life has no fairies just realities and that can not be changed.

Still eyes close and goes off to sleep, but with reality.


How can you identify someone who is blessed by God

That person will be simple and straight forward. Always give more than you have earned. Will accept mistakes and ask forgiveness. Never get angry on personal matters but will not like immoral behaviour. This person will be a source of happiness, will make life easy for others. Will be helpful and down to earth. If you ever meet someone with these qualities, you can make out that person is blessed.


Imagination leads to discoveries and inventions.

Human mind is an inventor, discoverer, story teller,designer, composer and so on. Imagination of unseen and unheard is how innovation works.We feel excited with new ideas and concepts in daily life, it intrigues and disturbs at the same instance.

Imagination has solutions within it’s realm. All that we feel should be gets invented or discovered, if not on this planet then we explore the universe.

There is no limit to imagination it has no boundaries.


Kite fly high

Kite is life..and string is will
you let it fly..and let it bring
hopes and fears
troubles and tears
till it rips out…and fall here