There are many masks ( source Pinterest) but the one we wear is the invisible one. Not everyone can see, we mask our inner self to deceive and please. Mostly to please , because our reality is not acceptable in a world where beauty is skin deep.

Where richness is never questioned , so we hide our poverty. We hide under a cover ,leading a masked life. Sometimes we hide our age, at times our nature ,our back ground for getting praised for who or what we are not.

World is a mirror and we the unknown faces , silent witness to unbearable injustice and immoral behavior. We have lost our souls in search of recognition from those who lie and impose unrealistic standards.

Can we ever free from the mask and become pure and visible?


Never indispensable

Each one of us is unique and valuable. Our emotional contributions towards our family and friends is special. Our absence or death creates a void that never can be fulfilled. They don’t die but they always miss the presence. No one can replace you in terms of sharing laughter and tears. That is very special, it has bonds with heart.

Workplace is to some extent able to cope up and forget their employees. Although good ones are missed for their brilliance and intelligence. But work continues with new faces.

Inspiration and positivity are contributions that continues to become part of another’s life. We, may have died and turned to dust, but the work and words will reman engraved in the mind and hearts of those who cherished and believed in us.


Control the “me” in you :)

My nana would tell me, listen to how we speak, you will learn more and learn to listen better. This will go inside you and develop your personality. it will bring  a tendency in you to be patient, for we do need to have control on our selves, if we want to be successful. 

Why do we need to control ourselves? I would ask her

If you can not control yourself and let self control you, you are doomed. There are two sides in you, the good and bad. Your mind and heart decides what you actually prefer, but this decision doesn’t come unless you learn what is right and wrong, learn to think, learn to listen, learn from other’s mistakes and not to repeat what they have done. Each one of us want to experience, because we think we are better, but some mistakes doesn’t need to be we must learn not to do those.. we make mistakes intentionally ? I asked again.

Sometimes we do and others we are forced to, only occasionally are we are ignorant of the mistakes we commit.


Between need and want

A long time ago there two friends. Need and Want, Need was ned and Want was wan ?

Ned was very important for people and life, but Wan was loved by all. Wan was the reason for greed, conspiracies and wars. Ned, was the reason for inventions, advancement in medicine and social progress.

Slowly, people started to feel that Wan should become more important than Ned, so they tried to deprive people of their needs to satisfy their wants. The society started to show signs of crimes and injustice. Whenever someone wanted to “want” something they would snatch it away, and a dark time started to emerge. It covered the entire world, but soon with no lights, the shadow’s own existence was in jeopardy.

There has to be just enough light for the shadow to remain, before darkness of death would kill all.


Cheating is ?

Cheating is mistreating, it makes us angry and upset for a very long time. Keep us on boiling, grumbling, rumbling and finally bursting . So, if you want to live in peace. Please do not cheat 🙂

Cheating starts from a lie. We lie most of the time? Well, stop that habit. If you are at home speak the truth, don’t say that ” I am on my way.” We think it will be better option, but actually it is not.

Try from now, today and keep it up 😉

human relationship

There are limits

The boundaries contain and define . Shapes, forms, organizations, relationships and so on. Without limits, we will get ill-shaped, obese and astray. Since, without limits we can not perceive, so should not lose our limits.

I calculate and find how much and that is a measure , a limit. We get paid and evaluated on limits. It is determined on logic and vision. Sky is the limit but then space became our new limit. Perhaps there is more than that, it expands but remains contained.

In friendship too, there are limits and boundaries for the real and virtual because that keeps us at good levels.


Stages in life…from start

We the players, we act out our scripts. We remain young at heart..for our mind is fresh..but those who are suppressed they get aged much ten..they sound like 20…hearts when it stops to sing…soul gets wings clipped…for no rot and fume…indeed you are doomed..But , those wrinkles that make you labelled as old…are not to be filled with Botox..i am told..when you get old..let your heart shine more brighter…let the soul over come your physical feeble muscles and loose skin…maybe your feet doesn’t tap as fast as before still you can find your way around…with love, respect and honor.


Happy Birthday !!

Yes..all the year round we are celebrating someone’s birthday. People tend to criticize..evaluate is it a year less or that particular  person is lucky to be alive..and having us all for a tea we really need to witness her cut that lovely chocolate ice-cream cake…and why does it melt so quickly..what did she buy for me…? and Have I got that thing she wanted so eagerly…is it a birthday or PhD ?

Be simple..say Happy Birthday! if you have time and a gift..for love..and to share a moment .that comes  once in a year ..and be grateful you were  invited and you could attend…look many deaths and war ridden world..treasure these moments..of peace and never know if you will be home or on a sinking boat..escaping death , torture and humiliations..

Take life without a…that is your twinkle crown.


Life what can you give


What I want from life am I worth or not..Did I try enough ? When would I learn to turn my wishes  into much will I endure to achieve my goal..or is it not me..but another person..who will give me a reason to be happy…I must look deep in my my mind..and juggle my thoughts..and find my answers before I question life to be..what it is not now..but I want it to be..I want my life to be happy…




A great mind a good heart. Mr. Rezaur Rahman .

A real man , who had courage to face all odds ,yet pursued his aim to make education affordable to many youths of a nation still struggling to be “A middle Income Group” . He was resourceful in generating  funds for scholarships to many bright  minds. that may never have got any opportunity just  because they couldn’t afford. This was  indeed a contribution to society and humanity.

People earn and gain prosperity to satisfy their  own needs or wants, not Mr. Rezaur Rahman he took responsibility of his immediate family and also of the many students , who will now study at Ganit Bhaban Building , at Dhaka University  , financed by AFM Mujibur Rahman Foundation .

The legacy he left behind are those   minds, that  have achieved much in life by getting a support at right time by  his foundation. Education , is the most respected and important  part of any society , his contribution to this life  line , has saved future of tomorrow, our youth.

We must salute the greatness of Mr. Rezaur Rahman, who led a life that surely will be a source of inspiration for others to follow.


He may have died..but he will live eternally in the heart and mind of students he helped. We are praying that he be Blessed as he had blessed us, we pray that he be given a better place in heaven as he gave us a better place on earth…each heart prayer is with him…he will live in hearts for long.