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Opinions, facts and feeling bad ;)

What does a  human mind seek ? I suppose everything to be  perfectly done by others..whether it is work, relationship,religious practice or politics. When it comes to self, there are  all explanations and causes..and the same when done by  others it gets  labelled  as..excuses , false actions and stupidity .

Other’s are always judged and labelled ..of course punished too 🙂 But..never  once  is it applicable on you..hmmm.  that very  often happens , and familiar  reply,” I don’t know about you..but I got rules.”

All aspects of everyday life is govern by one basic rule. “Truth” , if you can always be true will become honest yourself..and evaluate your actions in more detail and get yourself in order. For each day, we need a calibration , as our system of analysis gets worn out by the time we hit the bed 😉

It is very difficult..when people’s opinions are getting  more value than the facts . That  makes justice, very much biased.. personal opinions must be limited to personal choices..for eating , religious belief and professional practise..beyond that everything we ” think” affects another  person..

Yes..we  must take care of what other’s the extent..that they are not disturbed by  our personal opinions..after all its personal and must not leave one’s own  mind 😉 The moment , view, gets shared and it becomes  public.

Anything said in public, must be evaluated for a bigger exposure. All are equal and must be respected, and if anyone doesn’t care..then they are negating the very core of respecting others..whom they expect to respect them.


Searching for Soul Mate

Seatumblr_me9zzjpLzw1qg88gpo1_500rching for the love of life

Hoping for a perfect wife

Young at heart and ready to strife

My dear friend, “drewthepoet” writes

I am longing for you everynight

When you walk in, it brings daylight

I promise to love you and never fight

I am surely, your Mr. Right 😉

I want to be with you all my life

Come to me, my sweet loving wife.

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married people’s fate

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Long since we got married, we forgot the taste

How it used to be, our Valentine date

So, we selected a movie, that was x-rated

and my dear husband waited at the gate

I was caught up in a meeting, got a bit late

My husband was furious, he does hate

To wait looking like a fool, for an  old date

Anyway, we were just about to start our date

A sergeant, signaled me and told me to wait

Asked, me, what are you doing up so late

I answered, this is my husband, my soul mate

He ignored my reply and asked my husband in a low voice

“What’s her rate?”