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Daily Post ; New Message (Challenge?)

It’s 2AM and your phone has just buzzed you awake, filling the room in white-blue LED light. You have a message. It’s a photo. No words, no explanation. Just a photo. Tell us all about it. And what happens next.  Its a picture taken from “The Brothers Grimm” a story book. I know what it means..someone has requested me to write about the King who had twelve sons and the thirteenth child if its a gilr would turn the twelve brothers into black ravens. Alright, I got I answer the message with a 😉 consider it done..and I also turn the  mobile power off..who needs another request about a bed time story..when I am already in bed and sleeping..pass the story telling time…people with phone must keep it out of the reach of young kids..related to me :)))


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green, blue or pink :)

Green is a color for leaves I think

Flowers are red, orange, blue and pink

when you want to write, first please think

Is it everlasting, or is like a wink

The aims and goals are governed by rule

If you want to flow, and not get stuck like a glue

Free your mind first, then pick words with juice

Readers are thirsty for a nice fresh news

so make it ever green, not everyday refuse

boring and repetitive, does blow up fuse

readers are selective, as writers you choose

words that entertain and not redicule

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Life Poetry

Do you know ?

Do you know ?

what you don’t know 🙂

I don’t think so

For if you list what’s unknown

then you do know a bit

and that makes entry in wrong list

for you are suppose to not know

anything, any one any more

not even a name, or feel

can you then list..unknown

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Missed you

Missed your posted smiley face

the BIG LIKE on my post each day

thank you and warm welcome that stayed

Your presence on my Blogging  sites

Missed writing poetries on black & white

Missed smiling with you day and night

You are distant and apart

yet remain a memorable part

I missed you as if,  I missed myself

I was living but had no life

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When we had lamps or bottles, genie with immense powers were trapped inside these and the man who could set them free, became their new master. From one captivity to another.Nowadays, people do not believe in genies , they say due to forest clearing all genies got relocated, noise pollution, dust and water management were issues beyond their endurance. So, where did genies go? To Pluto oe venus ? But, we are on our way to discover ways to get there and drive them out.

Nowadays, we have a new concept. genie is not in the bottle. No. it is within us, we now believe that if we can try and do miracles we can manage that, by our capacity to control. What did the lamp genie do? made a palace, got things in a jiffy , but when the lamp was carried away..did genie bring it back, so what is a use of a genie that can not save himself…hmmm. next, think about the bottle…all the waves and sea sickness..but genie couldn’t escape.

Hence, proved in our time we do not need genie..we are better than them, so leave them wherever they are and let us do our work by ourselves..with our own power.