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Left silently with a smile

Lonely heart departs in fear

No last glances, no smiles nor a tear

Shattered life with a blow unseen

lonely heart is waiting in dream

Hearts are broken when held too tight

I will never put on light for dark nights

Did not destroy nor left me alive

How it pierced like a knife

I am in between a kiss and a dip

Will I get your hands

or will I slip

tries to smile but fails instead

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Mid-life crisis- Forty and after

Life is all  about living. Phases pass, initially we are trying to learn how to live, then we get independent and on our feet 🙂 we become leaders, doers and family makers. We, have our accomplishments and regrets..then it’s time to be a leopard..the  strength and experience in life and our work, gives us that towering confidence..but..what makes people get trapped in mid life crisis ?

Is it that they failed to achieve targets ?

they want to be experienced and not age

or they are getting pressurized by family, friends and relatives.


At are at please..don’t try to be 20s..just wait and look at yourself..weren’t you a bit weird at twenty now you got style and class…words are flowing and makes sense. Ah! not really 🙂

Well..each age has its advantages and try to accept that and make the best of it. No worries, just few regular habits would make this smooth transition into 50 s and 60 s.


Couples must get more romantic and less sexy 😉 if that what you are afraid of..remember it is the love which means much more than lust..Companionship is warm and comforting.

The feeling of emptiness and loneliness with kids gone from your house makes you feel empty.. a certain level of depression..but it also gives you more time to concentrate on those things you never had time reading a book without anyone pulling you.


Look at the bright side.. you get the better part to enjoy. yes..playing with the grand kids and spoiling them ;)) revenge .hee hee.


Relax and take life easy,you earned this luxury..but do keep working to afford it for longer time.


Friends and family members die..your group disappears and sometime your spouse is longer with you. Your social circle gets limited. People who used to wait for you are one remembers you take black coffee in the morning..there is no one who shared their youth with you..or knows what a chubby person you were…they are are still alive..So remember them but don’t must stay well..get some exercise and take your health more seriously. Bones will give indication, and skin will feel rough.. You had it tough..but you smiled then and now can too..just try..will  you?


Arthritis, blood pressure, diabetes etc now has become constant companions..just make sure you tackle them as cleverly and remain healthy and be regular with walks or a good swim. You faced tough times in financial some money while you earn and invest wisely..hold on to remaining family , neighbors, relatives and virtual friends. All are sources of inspiration and positive thinking.

One day, you will be gone and this chapter would end..but then..don’t die before you are dead and gone 🙂


Some one will close this left open..some one will follow you beyond life’s threshold.

Photos source..getty from web medical