Love is not lust

Always trust

your inner mind

the words unspoken

yet heard with care

Love is pure

Love is sure

Lust is to adore

only for a moment and then no more

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Last night

Last night you tip toed in my dream and I could feel that you wanted me ?
I was sleeping in my dreams 🙂 It was a dream within a dream , you bought me ice cream. I wanted chocolate but you had blue berry and strawberry whipped with full cream. Still , I ate and smiled , not because the flavors were good..because you didn’t let it melt. Last time you brought me a cake, it was hot was recently baked and had lots of dry fruits and cream…no it was not ice cream cake.. a different idea.when you left and I woke up this morning…you were still sleeping..I were washing the bowls I ate from…or was that cup ?
I was smiling and the morning was great..good to know you never leave me alone..awake or sleeping…hmmmmm
This time bring me a juice…something tangy that I can not refuse…cool and light…fresh and whit..or clear..whatever you bring for always dear.


Come dance with me

Dancing in the park
till it gets dark
a breeze that touches
freezes my heart
I reach to hold you
warmth is not far
dancing in the dark
moving up close
eyes never open..
just a snuggle with nose

smell the rose


The night

it was a dark night..when all the lights of the huge manor were lit…and on the floor was a body…who was she…a man was sitting close to her..he was holding her hand..feeling her cold waves..and shiver within…was she moving or it was his imagination…He wanted to have this last sleep with her..not wanting to let go..he had placed her on the hard  marble floor..tomorrow it will be a casket..he will let her go…she will get buried under the huge earth… was looking at her..closed eyes..he remembered how those sparkled..when he would enter the room..she would smile..looking at him…but now she seems upset..she  is no more looking at his face..touching his jaw line…her hands are stiff..doesn’t move..nor loves…is it because she is no more…how tragic to see love of your life…be so still…so cold…so dead


Love in life

Life goes on
It passes by
day by day
love keeps alive
heart and spirit
Makes you strong
life does end
No. not love
it is forever
Never does ends
It is here to stay


Valentine Day

Each day has love , it is an on going feelings. Life has moments that we celebrate with laughter , or a kiss a touch or hug. Acts of love are better than gifts, learn to create such a life that makes heart happy and soul satisfied. Do celebrate Valentine’s day, but live a life where every day is special!

Happy Life:-)


Hold me ..

Hold me once again
yes , it makes all of it go
the agony and pain
and more

Hold me with love
To make me feel so sure
when you hold me close
your arms are waves that touch my heart as shores

Hold me now..hold me to show
that you love makes my soul glow

Love me me sweet

Love is all..that I need

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Your Spouse :)

Your much treasured partner , “your spouse”   is definitely not a mouse. You can not trap nor control , you can find him and enroll.

In your life, for thick and thin..your spouse is like your skin. Covers your tender parts and never expose, your faults and miseries that you secretly disposed. Of course, your spouse knows you inside out. He was the ears, you could tell truth and lies, you smile at all his stupid jokes..not because you feel is just because he gets you confused..what he meant and what actually he said…makes you realize, he lose control when you are in sight you power over him in real..was that part of the deal ?

Your spouse, is good for cuddle too ..from behind you curl up and forget blues. he is there, nodding his head to let you speak..he seldom listens but..still he tries to please. You know very well, he will be there for you, just as you are always with him.. 100% true !

In life, we seek a soul mate ..but spouses are better. You can be his lover, friend and savior..he gives you immense opportunities to prove and improve ,at work and at home. Love your spouse, for all his faults and facts…respect him, please him and let him do the same for you..Your spouse is there only for you !!! 

keep him for good and enjoy each day of married life.


Smile if or when happy

Reasons to be happy

There may be many reasons we smile

Many we laugh till we cry

Happiness is a state we live

It remains with us, like fragrance

Even when shadows of sorrow covers

our hopes gets tired and lost

Happiness renews our effort

to fight back to defeat

the reason for melancholy

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Staying Happy


To smile even if there is no reason..means you have every reason to smile.
Life got ups and down, when tragedy strikes it makes us sad and we must cry..feel pain and remain silent or wail.Then a timer inside our mind must make us get away from past and move on to future. Each day if not tragic, then no reason to make it sound boring and uneventful.
Why is it so important to feel happy and to smile . It makes you more energetic and lets you focus on other issues rather than be just looking at yourself. Happy people are no different from those who remain dull or sad, except for their attitude. They have decided to live in the moment. To grasp life as they live it.
They are realistic, in identifying what are their limits and boundaries. It does not put a barrier to their vision, it makes them explore potentials in the known for avenues not known before.
Usually, they will maintain cleanliness but would not freak out. They balance the issue with magnitude. Feeling a certain ecstasy is definitely a treat but cumulative enjoyment leads to contentment and peace.
Happy people are not perfectionist, for they understand that mistakes are inevitable and everyone can make it, just as they can others too..they don’t yell or scream 🙂
Lastly, they expect less and deliver they remain thankful for the returns they get and if some don’t return kindness with respect and gratitude,they let it go.

Happy people are like honey, bees come to collect sweetness and smiles from them, so they are seldom lonely. They give hope, courage and reason to work harder, think deeper and love freely.
Be happy..Stay happy :))