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Acceptance :)

Life is expectations and acceptance. We, are always aspiring to become or achieve a goal, few times we pull or push those we associate with to join or jump for reaching  targets and ultimately to a goal. Success, fame, health ,happiness or wealth, we got our little dream worlds right from the time we remember..yes  🙂 a very long time from that point in life, we now are looking back and ahead too.

Few things are unacceptable, these tend to create tensions and rebellious attitude, we fight for what we think as our right and  we hurt others in this war game. We, win and we lose..leaving our hurdles behind we aim higher and want to proceed faster. Are we chasing time and passing life ? Are we not defeating hearts and winning applause from unknown admirers. Are we popular on social website and an introvert in life ?

Marriage is one huge step in our life, where we “accept” the other as being our partner in all aspects of life. We are sharing from address to bills, name and blame . We are stick on with an invisible glue , clearly opposite yet magnetically attracted to faults, weaknesses  and humor. It feels there is someone within a reach to punch and kiss, hug and miss, tease or please , yet remain indeed your’s faithfully.

But, before we accept another human being into our life, we must accept our self accept ..we must know ..what we are..and what needs to be improved or created that other can find it easy to accept us. Perfection is always easy to accept, because we can relax and feel at ease, imperfection is rather challenging..moods burst and swear…or flare..too many indicators..loudness and your mind can not focus what to say 😉

Close your eyes and see your spouse face . Is it angry or happy ? tired or energetic ? Then open your eyes and look at yourself..can you see those emotions in your eyes ? We, the intelligent specie on earth has a mind that is never fully utilized, yet we always think we are smarter than the other..why? Partly, because we self indulge  or are egoistic..or thick head.

Acceptance is a huge umbrella, it covers more than the vows can ever list. It is a submission of self. A commitment to be able to accept all that may come, good or bad.

When we accept this challenge , then life’s achievements would be fun while we are on it’s journey, each failure would be accepted as each win would be celebrated. Eyes will speak, hands will caution and lips will remain sealed.

The song he is humming, you know which one and the mischievous teasing punch you have aimed just over his nose ..he knows with his eyes closed 🙂

You have learned to accept and there is no more to expect ..than an honest acceptance. 


You from air and I from sea

waves are currents, and motion is clean

I make you cold, as you make me cool

I need air to breathe,

You need water to drink

We are different..Thank God!

Otherwise..I will suffocate and you will die of thirst.

I accept you..Do you ?

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Life is always great :)

Married life is best 😉 is all about a good wife..sometimes people describe a woman/man more like an entertainer and service provider..few complain about weight and high expenditures..there are no the old saying want their women to never change and women want their men to change for good.

I think about this feels..women use themselves as bait..and men want to eat a good one…not a lousy rotten thing. And men..hmmm I think men want to they show all their vices..and women are thinking..I am so good..I will change all that and make him better..from bitter…

In one way or another..there are expectations, failures, defeats, anger and lies..vows are forgotten and good times are that reasonable..nope..Why is chasing fun and keeping not 🙂 Persistent efforts gets you the prize..and your consistent bragging or nagging, makes you lose it.

Snap out of it..before you get snapped out . Was that a philosopher..hmmm seldom have I seen any philosopher with a loving doting wife. Where was I? Yes..a tug of war and lots of love..with many children and you get sobered and get into an affair..and you are not actually treating it keep on telling yourself..this is an inspiration or boost for keeping your married life in good health..Really ?

Well…we have reasons and causes..reasons to defy and causes to deny..Nothing happens ..yet..we like this thrill that can kill..are we born thieves..that to sneak and peek is a pleasure indeed..Life is good…I still say married life is better.

PS..I am a wife 🙂 no..I didn’t try to change my husband ..he just got inspired by my ways.

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The swap

There were two couples. They had a normal life and had below average sex. The first couple were from higher  income level, they had a luxurious house and latest cars. My names for this couple is The Purples and the second couple were from higher middle income group and lived in an apartment. I call the second couple, Oranges.

Mr. Purple’s wife was extraordinarily beautiful with an equally sexy body. Mr Purple wore glasses and had a slim body. Mr Orange was a bit fat and his wife was very much average .

Mrs. Purple and Mr.Orange, met  at  dating site. They were honest to each other about their marital status and their hidden desires for arousing sexual sessions. They thought, why not swap.

Both, then discussed this idea with their spouses and finally after 3 months of persuasions their counterpart agreed, with a condition that they would not necessarily have sex.

This part agreed, the Orange couple arrived at the gates of the mansion. Mrs. Orange again asked her husband was he sure what he was about to  do ?

Mr. Orange was already too much excited and he nodded. Both went inside. The Purple couple had arranged a very simple yet nice  dinner. After, dinner the wine was served and they relaxed.

Mr Orange and Mrs. Purple who was almost drunk, left for the upstairs. Mrs. Orange was upset and started to cry. Mr.Purple came and tried to console her and one thing led to another.

Next, morning the Orange couple got up and left early. As, Mr Orange was driving, he asked his wife, ” How was  it?”

Mrs. Orange, ” As expected.”

Mr. Orange,” Good.”

Mrs. orange,” Was she…?”

Mr. Orange,” No.. she went upstairs with me..but the moment we hit the bed..drunk as we were..we just slept..till I got up early and came down to collect you from the main family lounge.”

Wife smiled and said, she was glad, but is ironical that you two planned and didn’t make unexpected.

Husband.” So..what. You two are always the boring type and last night was same.You didn’t do anything..”

Wife..”Oh! No..but we did..”

Husband,” You expected..”

Wife”That was expected was not it from us.”