Life Picture Poetry

Shadow a part of me

Shadows you play with me

On dark side, intangible and silent

Never touched nor felt

Moving away, coming under

Sometimes I chase you

Others you follow me

When I stand up, you lay down

I can not read your expressions

are you smiling

or do you frown

Changing in length,

Deforming in shape

Using a surface you mange to stay

when light disappears

you cease to exists

You are part of me

Look like me

But never can I want to be..a shadow indeed


Life Nature Poetry

Honesty is the best policy

Honesty is the best policy

If you learn to say it with utmost care

when you can feel the words, as you share

Lies are deception, takes you to depression

suffocation, solid action

Honesty doesn’t mean to be rude

nor does it make you look like a fool

Its a highly calibrated tool

used to fix problems in life..

So be honest;)


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Thank you

Thank you

I know, it is not a rose just a leaf

But, it is soft as petals could be

I want to say, thank you again

I give you a petal, as a rose my friend

take and keep it, under your tree

with dozens other leaves 🙂

when this leaf crumbles and turns brown

keep on smiling, never frown

it was given to you as thank you note 😉

so do something good for me again

for instance, reading my poetry

or laughing at my jokes

sharing my thoughts, provoking me to work

I will give you many more thank you notes

fresh from the tree, priceless possesions

you can keep…we are friends indeed.

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Nathalie Trepanier’s art (DSmagazine)

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Pitter Patter Pitter patter

fall rain drops on mad hatter

he stole my brother’s cat

cat is big and fat

Hatter knows that

Pitter Patter Pitter patter

My pet is a brown rat

he runs all over my house

eats neighbour’s hat

Pitter patter pitter patter

enters the cat

he wants to chase the rat

cat is fat

rat hides under the holed hat

and escapes claws of cat

I know that rat is smarter than cat.


Not untill ;)

I watch the sparrow sitting on my window sill

Chuckles and sings,with a free will

His wife, Mrs. Sparrow call, and for a moment he sits still

then he flutters his wings, he seems obviously thrilled

My cat is dreaming, how sparrow would taste when grilled

I can read your mind, I nod to Jill

wanted ice cream, she got me soup..that kills 😉

I don’t need rest nor any more pills

I am not going over the hill, not untill

I complete my work and pay all bills

I will leave all balance to nill..

and in my brief case, you can find my will

told you, not untill

I am dead and buried silent and still.

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ASK : Always Seek Knowledge

So, do you sometimes ask yourself 🙂

If, you think or say that other’s way are bad or improper, does it make you good and correct.

if you argue, ” what is” is actually not. does it make it not.

If you have not seen or know about a specific discovery or norm, does it cease to exist.

If you got limitations in your attitude and use of knowledge, does it retard other’s progress and prosperity.

If, you ask each day , each time you challege others on a concept an idea, a philosophy yourself too a question equally targetted, to understand your own capacity on that subject, it will make your questions more relevant and achieved.

You are..and your very existance does matter, so how would you make it worth while you are still here to ask and answer, life’s questions for you.

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Do you often say, before you think

And forget totally, what you did ink 🙂

Collect all happiness then add a link

Ideas are fountain, must dip and take a drink

When life is awesome, it does get passed in a wink;)

Are you with me trying to bring

A laughter, a thought refreshing enough to sing

Yes..that one. Always think before you ink

Keep it sweet, pleasant like a fresh water falling over a brink

Never let hopes disappear or sink

Words when dirty, they do stink !

Love and respect is what good speech brings.


Andrew Osokin- Extraordinary Ice sculptures (DS Magazine)



Change myself


We change over time. Physical changes are happening daily. Women, at my age are trying to apply all creams that can reverse the aging process. Olay! to the rescue 🙂 What about me..the inner me. That doesn’t change even if my  label changes..label means? My is a very deep of my friends was kind enough to reveal the truth..that me..the inner self. would remain matter whats the name..even if I have an ordinary name.

Why do I need to change?  Actually..we don’t need to change but improve in a positive manner. If, I talk too much bla bla ..I should control and give myself and others time to catch a breath. But..sometimes people want us to change for their own reasons. 

I find that we get influenced by exposures, certain experiences in life, during work or social interaction. The fear of rejection makes us vulnerable to accept changes…for  the list is endless..but we are forced to change and unhappy. That makes it a scar. When we get inspired and change our mind set.That makes us star.

Someone  once told me, do you know anything about butterfly effects. I said, no.

You do that very often, don’t you know..I actually still don’t know 🙂