Good Bye ;)

There is no goodbye,

just hello and hi.

See you soon,

maybe one afternoon.

If not here

then there,

if not far,

then near.

If unclear or hazy

we will meet when you are not lazy.


Reflections ( re-post)

Two Mirrors in a room on the opposite walls. I step in a space between two mirrors and see my reflection within a reflection. Stretching endlessly, as if I will disappear but I remain an image in both.As, I turn from one to another to have a little fun in this lock down. I can not tell others what fun it is to play alone, it amuses me and I know that it is silly.

Life is full of mirrors, each show us how we are placed in time. Somewhere we are endless, somewhere we are diminishing in our size,stature and position. As, we cross the images , we know exactly, how we looked in each phase. And the reality is that we can not see ourselves without a mirror, that is exactly how we are seen in life, by another person’s eye.

Life gives us many mirrors to reflect upon.


How can you identify someone who is blessed by God

That person will be simple and straight forward. Always give more than you have earned. Will accept mistakes and ask forgiveness. Never get angry on personal matters but will not like immoral behaviour. This person will be a source of happiness, will make life easy for others. Will be helpful and down to earth. If you ever meet someone with these qualities, you can make out that person is blessed.

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Truth ?

Do you Like To Be Honest… Honesty is good…but don’t get it mixed up with being true is not really the truth..I feel..honesty means, to be as it is or as you are..not to be something else..for that would make you a fake..there is a difference between faithful and honest.
That is why , we have a favorite sentence, ” No comments ” . it saves from telling a lie.. Or..when asked a tricky question..” write pass ” . it does trigger a lot of ideas in the person’s mind..but he/she didn’t hear from me.
Why do we stop from simple. Got two ears and one tongue. Hear more and speak less, and always remember use your understand not only the question..but the consequences it will initiate..maybe a chain reaction. fast and get blown up to a mega size too, slowly people hear it often as rumor then they apply the age old saying..where there is smoke there is a fire ..burning..:))
No smoke no fire.. Honesty is the best policy..and speaking less helps to maintain that 🙂


I am a tree..I am grounded yet free

A tree..when you look at find branches holding leaves..and fruits..housing nest and birds..sometimes kids too..and the roots so deep inside..we fail to even think..although we admire the tree..with its trunk, branches, flowers and leaves..for it provides us with shade..insects walking all over..digging into small you ever the tree..stands..and shakes..moves..and takes..all that breeze..touching its leaves..and when autumn it gets bare to basic..and we know at its branches..stretching outwardly ..are you a tree..rooted deep..serving so many.standing alone…not moving..just holding together..supporting life..are you ?

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Life… When I was growing up my elders explained.. try not to grumble nor complain. if you want to win hearts or be smart, try to be clever right from star.Never get slow tantrums are a big NO.
Be soft , glow, white as snow, pure as honey and bright as day:)
Kind understanding, love everyone but trust only yourself.
Be as you are, never change but improve day after day after da


Paths in life

Born free..and free to choose. Where to live and how to lose. identity  more than a card or chip..people ask ..where you are from ? Are you a local or on a trip ?

My features are prominent..but others get confused..Asian general..but enemy or friend.. clear can I root again and where is my I like it ..and if I don’t will I wander away like a leaf blown before autumn ..and want to cling to another tree..I am definitely free..but can hang  only till I fall dead…then what? Will it matter  if I was from mango or maple?

Come to think of on earth is not forever..but more..some believe others don’t..I belong to believers and so I am a bit happy…for the end here will initiate the new  beginning…a  place where souls will be seen…and feel..and enjoy ..the freedom that was sought on earth…I have passed away…and has reached a stay.


Quiz me :)

Ah 🙂 the wonderful series of short quiz..a  play to find my personality..then post it  and show 🙂 what few questions can interpret about me..that others don’t know..but they claim to know close? Can they read my mind? Hear my heart ..small talk 🙂 NO !

Come meet me again..this time try to focus on how my  mind works..thinks up stories and poems as a reaction to photographs , articles or stories..why I must write a comment..when others  like and go..I want to feelings  for you…to tell you about what I understood and failed to appreciate..yes my comments tell you more about me..than a quiz could ever define my personality..sweet or sour..dangerous or sassy..come hard on people or always take it easy.


Start now..with the one closest to you.

Good people remains pious and are God fearing , thus making them the lights in the darkness . They are good , because they can control their  desires, wants and disturbing thoughts. Control is the key word, it makes you alert and aware of your action. We do get across people who say,”I didn’t see..didn’t thought..didn’t realize.” What they mean is they have no responsibility and don’t care for their actions. Some of us nod our head others just shrug shoulder, but if you take a moment and think..that carelessness is “expensive” , it cost in cash and kind.

Question is why we allow people to be careless in life and careful while at school ? Are we not training young  minds to be responsible and caring , or we are just focused on all subjects and ignore the building up of character. Nagging  never helps, it rather gets repulsive attitude. Understanding actually realize we must get closer and think…now that does drain our mental capacity.

To sit and think..why someone acts in weird ways..why they get upset in small issues..why we get thrashed for an answer that was unexpected..and find reasons..we do not have to be judgmental..all we need is to balance it out.

Sometimes , we experience odd behaviors, those who are rude their work is done promptly but those who are  nice and sweet, people ignore their request. The fear of getting a bashing from a rude  person is more and the smile of gratitude from a nice  person. Encouraging that once sweet person to become a “RUDE”  . Yes..our actions lead to changes in behavior so we must act with care..carelessness is expensive 😉


In a dark night

Silence is not expected of you
when in a dark night there two
they never want to speak
not even a word or two
they close off their senses
they don’t need..that’s true
touching the inner desires
fire that burns and brews
the sensations in feelings
those ,,you miss when the kid
lights up the room to view
you turn your to see him stand for loo
the lights you turned off woo
silence is not needed when two got a company to keep is time to get some sleep 🙂