Paths in life

Born free..and free to choose. Where to live and how to lose. identity  more than a card or chip..people ask ..where you are from ? Are you a local or on a trip ?

My features are prominent..but others get confused..Asian general..but enemy or friend.. clear can I root again and where is my I like it ..and if I don’t will I wander away like a leaf blown before autumn ..and want to cling to another tree..I am definitely free..but can hang  only till I fall dead…then what? Will it matter  if I was from mango or maple?

Come to think of on earth is not forever..but more..some believe others don’t..I belong to believers and so I am a bit happy…for the end here will initiate the new  beginning…a  place where souls will be seen…and feel..and enjoy ..the freedom that was sought on earth…I have passed away…and has reached a stay.

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Want to count or live moments :)

ImageNo matter which month the rains pour down. It makes us feel relieved, but  like everything else we get from nature we want  rains to be not more nor less. Balance is always a need, in making life comfortable, we need limits to be safe.

Age is  desired, too short or too long, makes us miserable.Years in life ,ages our body but never our soul. ..Rains are like gift from sky..clouds are like a postal service. Carry and deliver, shower it over a selected land..the earth that was barren and dry..gets life if dead came alive..where no green was seen..its a forest of trees.

The earth has so many dead buried within..and if we had to count everyone how long will it take, perhaps years and years..turning us from young to very old..yet we can not count..just as we can never count number of rain drops falling ..everywhere..around and above..We wouldn’t be able to count how many waves surfaced on just laps every minute or so..and the stars that twinkle..we eagerly count up to few..then our eyes see more and more..and we let it go 🙂

Each day ..we wake up and pray for the day to pass happily and when it is time to sleep..we pray is also like a single day..we pray it to be happy and worth living ..eventually death puts us to sleep…

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The People’s culture.I find cultureto start fom geographical location, it is the first contact with nature. Then, to live with nature we tend to adapt to its tempeature, weather change with clothing, type of shelter and earning/food production. This gets popular and trend settles into customs. After years pass, we find people belonging to different location having climatic differences, wearing clothes and eating food, that relate to optimm comfort.

The survival with nature, perhaps teaches us to develop food, shelter and clothing. When food pangs are no more disturbing, its time for human mind to get into intangible aspects of culture. That is religion, politics and of course technology in minting money.The more advanced the nation, the better their living conditions and their effort to learn adn tame nature. The ethenicity, become part of heredity and identity.

Those born in a certain family or region, would inaverdently inherit those cultures, and live comfortably, unless few other rules are introduced from the intangible circle. In todays, time we have technological advancement in communication, commuting and transportation netwrok. Idea, people, goods all are moving from one end to another. Grown inone continent, the vegetable reaches another for the breakfast.

This inter-connected status, hasled to first impression in buildings. All buildings appears to look similar, as their weather related issues are solved through technology, people have started to change their origna; cuisine for making it mroe acceptable to other nationalities..Slowly, this blending of cultures is making too many cross breeding.

The originality and authetic, sources are given way to mass production with changes made for more consumer.In todays, date technologies have amde life easy for its inhabitants. Just one more thing , we need , that is a method or means to make human beings to be virtuous and to dosown sins. Able to make people appreciate and love anture, rather destroy the earth. Can technology stop or control abusive thinking and resulting behaviour..Does it add to uncalled for competitions or promotes self betterment.Should teachnology aim at that?

Life Poetry

Do you know ?

Do you know ?

what you don’t know 🙂

I don’t think so

For if you list what’s unknown

then you do know a bit

and that makes entry in wrong list

for you are suppose to not know

anything, any one any more

not even a name, or feel

can you then list..unknown


Do Good to others and Be Good to yourself :))

Appreciation and credit, two expectations pulls all energy on pointing or zooming focus on what will people think or say. Good..or bad. What is more important ? Values or popular culture. 

Any one who actually is focused on being good for others ‘s appreciation or recognition, gets upset if no one appreciates.But..goodness is no longer good if it  is done for showing off.

Being good is easier, but yes  getting other’s to like you for your good deeds, that perhaps is a bit difficult. People tend to like tangy flavor to sweet, anything spicy gets their attention but a simple situation is not interesting enough for developing a gossip.

We do live in a society and it is also important to encourage others in doing something positive for the society, but judging these actions and awarding them with praises, again leads to mischievous actions by those who are jealous.

Then to do something good, you start manipulating and doing other bad things, that is not really going with the goodness. It is like, you are preparing a lemonade with dirty water, maybe it is a lemonade but the dirt surfaces, making it dirty lemonade that must be thrown away as dirt.

Be good for yourself  and do good to others .


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Dangerous Transition

There are four stages for mind to change its thinking or attitude towards living a life on earth.

First Stage : I am sure about my insight for good and evil. I choose good  and leave evil.

I am straight forward, honest and have nothing to hide nor fear.

I am an angel 🙂

Second Stage : I know what is good and evil, still for a reason or cause I opt to indulge in evil ways.

I am trying underhand dealings, manipulating ways and I got some secrets hidden away.

I am human 😉

Third Stage : I understand the values of good but then, evil ways are much easier and faster.

I got a darker side to my life, my close associates know about it, but I have convinced them

how it works. They will keep my secret too.

I am a partner with Satan. 🙂

Fourth Stage : I find goodness to be an idea, a theory only.

I have experienced and sharpen my skills in mastering the evil ways and I promote only evil.

I am the Satan 😦



The date is exciting, for numerical values.

12+12+12 = 36 =3+6 = 9 the odd digit of highest value.

12+12+2012= 38 = 3 +8 = 11 = 1+1 = 2 the even digit of lowest value.

Whats significant? I don’t know about other subjects, but I feel that it marks , no matter how high the odds are, the smallest even can exist at that moment, and remains indivisible by any other number, except itself. The odd can be divided and distributed three times by other odds, but can not be divided by an even.

World got time, time has seconds, to minutes, hours and years adding on..and moving till one day it may all end. But will time remain ? I think, even if time and space doesn’t exist, odds and even would remain..out of the catch of time and space, in some other dimension.