will you return my heart to me

Left me blank
but not sad at all
took my heart
never returned
nor called
the emptiness voices
a satisfying end…
my heart with you..
and you…no longer a friend
you never did pretend
not once…till the end



I got stuck inside

you look free ..outside

am so comfortable here

are you enjoying out there 🙂

No not I

Left me alone in cold dark night

We did scream. we did fight

was it wrong..went for long

endless venom that was a fright

Did I start ?

No  not I

Rumors spread and loneliness depressed

took pills..wanted to kill

had no urge , felt on verge

climbed up stairs

fell like a pair

but broke only a leg

and now ..feel despair

who pushed you to die ?

Did you or me ?

No. Not I

Will anyone ask to forgive

will you forget

can you rephrase

will it be another phase

of your ugliness and my cowardice

Will you leave to go

Will I say yes or No ?

No. Not I.


False or True

Do not ever say sorry

if you never worry

How your words killed

How actions felt inside

Don’t even think it

No never link it

Your false and fake words

Buttered up with lies

So..what if I am nice 🙂

I am also a bit wise

And will revolt..and surprise

with fist or tongue fight

I will only accept an apology 🙂

If you mean it ..and let go of pride

Improvise..improve and rise !!!