Faceless emotions

runs so deep

hear in the silence

a throbbing weep

kills your sleep

breaks your heart

who is she?

a broken soul

a battered old

a screaming dream

a nightmare it seems


faceless is the echo

no one knows,

and no one shows

any sympathy for the soul


Love is beautiful

Love is a feeling that is warm and smooth

Happens suddenly and we never get a clue

Get stuck too hard like a glue

When you try to get out

Tears a part of you

Mostly your heart

is broken in two

one remains with you

other gone to blues.



I will no longer come to say hello

I am not sure why?

But it is true

I have lost you

I have lost so many

Moments of love


Unfinished words

You hide away from me

No need

When I will go today

Never to return

It’s sad

But it is true

You have left me

With a fina

lAdieu ❤️



The screams

Silenced with death in cellars

Freedom they got

But lost lives forever

Yes, they were chained

And tortured to remain

Slaves to the unjust

Uncalled pain

You shall not rise

But die in debt

Die in sorrows

Without a voice to vent

No one hears you

Speak not, now

We shall choke you

Burn you down

Who is this Devil?

What does he seek?

He wants power

And deny you speech



You are all same

Different names

But, playing games

Sometimes smiling

Sometimes blame

You are all same

Calling other’s with names

Proud of your fame

Giving excuse so lame

Oh, come come

You never feel ashamed

You are all same



The world is in shades of grey

If you are weak,

you are a prey

Predators are hiding in wait

if you are not aware

it will be too late

You will robbed of your faith


My flying friend

My fluttering flycatcher friend,

what have you come to see?

Am I writing a letter to my sweet 🙂

Is it ink or my emotions?

Just as waves in deep oceans

I must have drowned indeed …

Butterfly do you have any advice for me?

Should I write poetry or prose for, my love overseas?

Or just cut and paste my heart with ease 😉

For everyone who loves colourful new thoughts

so pleasant to read.

Tell me, if you can see?

All my ideas are appropriate

or not for thee.


Do not weep

Don’t call me

I am asleep

I will not return

Cliff is steep

It has dreams

Turned into nightmares

Gives creep

No promises to keep

Don’t call me

I am sinking deep

Feeling nothing

Under the the heap

Of sorrows

Heart break 💔Horror s

Don’t call me

Don’t call me

I am not yours to keep


Flowers speaks to me

When you come to my world

But remain silent for long

I have a knocking from within

Something is very wrong

I want to search your eyes

I want to hear your voice

to tell me in soft whispers

where has that smile gone

Maybe, I am no longer

your love song

Must I wait and wave goodbye

Or I leave without any sound

Flowers you speak with love

withered petals are seen on the ground.

I just smile to hide my frown.



I am a muse in your virtual life

I fly in to your page to amuse

Can you refuse my love

Do you feel confused

Between reality and fantasy

I am because you want me

Inspiring and exhilarating visions

Encouraging passions

I am for you

Each day, I must come to start

And bid you farewell too

In between the hours that pass

You recall that I love you

It brings a smile

It gets a twinkle in eyes

I make no demands

But, it is true

I enjoy loving you.