Friends are not your family

They’re here by your choice

They will stay

If you are nice

They’re will listen n read

They’re your heart beat

So try to keep

Be nice and sweet


Autumn leaves

Never do you miss me

Said leaves to the tree

You have so many companions

In your history

Each year new ones blossoms

Each fall they wither and go

I have gone too

But you, never could have known


Hug me too

Hugs are awesome,

they connect with hearts

embraced with arms,

and neck to last

press and feel

how warm how real

hugs are warm

and better still

when a kiss is added

to part or pull

hug with warmth

hug tight and full

young beautiful dancer posing on a studio background

Ask me too :)

Sometimes you should ask me too

If I want to watch the waves roar

If I need to feel the sun on skin

If I want to soak in rain again

If I want to swim in ocean with whales

You should ask me sincerely

My friend ❤️

Misty sunrise in the park of Konopiste castle in Bohemia

Love is sent

Love sent with love today

More intense

Not afraid

More than sweet

a little treat

a hug a feel

that love is real

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Lost my love

along this shore

lost my smiles

long ago

lost myself

and found you instead

but now

you have to go


Never love again

If you never see me again

I will treasure this pain.

It will rekindle the love

In my heart,😍 inside

You will be in my sight

You will be beside

In my journey

Called life

but, will never meet

Perhaps there is no need

For you have entered my soul

Like a fragrance

Like morning radiance

Like Sunshine



A song of love is sung and heard.

With the filtering sunlight, it seems

A hugging breeze

lifts me and squeeze

bringing back loving memories

A fragrance so deep

In my heart in seeps

your words and laughter

echoes in sleep

Come to me

You say to tease

I will come

whenever to please


Yes :) I do!

Some don’t, some do

I do

I remind you it’s my birthday

Or you forgot to wish

Or that I did miss

Your exchange of greetings

A nod, a smile, a hug or pat

I like this, and I love that

I do

I am direct and frank too 😉

Never leave friends aloneAlways disturb them


Come September

Slowly you come into life with fallen leaves
Reminding us, we must shed our miseries
The year is almost towards the end
What has broken needs to mend
If you have forgotten your close friends
Call them again , meet them again
Life is asking you to think
What are your important links