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Red lips kiss

Kiss is soft and sweet,a delightful treat

when not smoochy,it is neat

makes impressions ,some light few deep

Can travel from head to toe

when it is a go go go

Kiss is strong, but seldom wrong

Kiss for a moment or for long

when lips withdrawn, you want it on 😉 miss

your last kiss

Difficult to resist

sweet lips


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Women in fashion world

Glamorous and perfect

but without a smile..

walking  head up in the limelight

Turning heads for a while..

making men shift in their seats side to side

only the women must reveal and display..

men are generally wearing everything from head to play 😉

Why so thin ? Why size zero is in 😉

How many parades would satisfy the valuable think

Women in fashion line design and parade

What you want others to and wait

Few can fit in the perfectly design line

Women, they  smile and tell you..everything is just fine

Camera action..lots of clicks

Photographs  displayed..making eyes tick

trying to memorize her eloquence in dress

admiring the lovely beauties..all in their best



Breakfast for you


Is it juice that you want

or coffee would  do 🙂

few cherries or bread

both fresh and selected for you

daisies so pretty.. smile 

or drink a sip or a two

good morning 🙂

got breakfast for you

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July you bring in  monsoon to stay

soaking earth, filling up streams and lakes

We got  paper boats to cover the ripples on streets

I am waiting for my little passenger to meet

small black ant..where to you sail ahoy!

asked the little fly.who had flew  in for a while

it  is monsoon.. love the showers from black clouds

filling my desires to take  bath once more  before we  leave

last dip..swim retreat



Laughter Life Picture Poetry

00gz06LwrDOA wonderful time to think What half the year did bring what more you want from it Will you work  a bit Just as  morning gets you on a cup of coffee and then you are gone So does a year pass by..But today was first of July..Pause and think to review..2013 is passing through..morning  months are gone afternoon is carrying on..if you didn’t do what you had to before..don’t waste your time anymore.. Turn around and make a go..go..before the year ends don’t worry about me..I would be still your friend 🙂

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Life is about living it :)

Life  it starts with the family and needs a family to make it healthy and sound. We, got so many roles to play and for that we need partners, for each relationship that  has love, respect and trust. So some we are born with others we need to make. 

The second social  need is, to have friends. Good friends circle, gives you moments that you enjoy freedom and can confide certain character of your personality that is not really acceptable for family members..yes the crazy you ;). They know your family, but you always come first not your family.

The third factor is work. The reason to get up in the morning and get going. To school, office or house work. The sheer responsibilities in your life, makes you energetic and gives you a boost. Compelling to involve and get tired..but satisfied. The whole process of getting mind and  body engaged, subjectively makes you feel wanted and important.

Location, that is physical but it has climate, social and political situations that determines the level of stress and way of living. It has to do with freedom in movement and expression. It effects your life span and health condition.

You attitude.


Although just smiling never solves any problem, but  it does help to overcome problematic situations. Positive attitude, takes your mind away from worries and get  it working  at finding a solution. Thinking never makes you frown, nor does it  gets your blood pressure rising or diving. 

Exercise 🙂


Young or  old. You must  move for life is a journey..who told you to stop for a break 😉 walk with your spouse or jog with your your pet/dog.or run around to impress your girl friend. Just get  on your feet and go into the open. Life is to belong to the world.. Eat  but never go over the hill . Vegetable are better but you may get fries too. Eat simple, it has a simply fantastic effect on your body weight. 

Life is about living..we must  enjoy it 🙂

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Seek again


I left that path

It did lead somewhere

I know it was safe

where they wanted to be

It was their destiny

But I couldn’t follow them blindly

although I was blinded by them

then I asked myself

Do I know where I want to be?

Have I ever been there

No answers  no replies

my mind was empty

Still I want to go

where my heart takes me

Somewhere  there is peace

Paths unknown

I will risk my time and make new  roads

if none exists and life ends  before I reach

there is no more

yet I know..I have followed my ways

I will not regret nor flee

Safe paths are not for me

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Hybrid last for moments..originals forever and more

If its forever

It will take time to grow

whether it is a potato

a relationship or more

Life is like a painting

events make it a collage

but if  it get disbalanced

it turns out as an eyesore

hybrid can not replace original

if you can understand my woes

Bought an American name brand

from the Elite’s store

it was labelled , “Made in China”

outsourced 😉




Roses are always awesome :)


Why are roses so popular..something so acceptable. Red, pink, black or blue

when its a rose, that I give to you..a smile flashes  on your lips a gift of fragrance, 

a soft kiss to your heart, you can not miss. 

Other flowers are beautiful too, has lovely  fragrance and colors too, but you seldom find it easy to carry away, tucked in your hair, or the coat’s pin..roses are easy to settle in..when the petals are floatin in scented water, you just stare at it and feel forever..that softness only a rose petal brings..sparrows are cute but nightgale sings..I think  if Lion is JUngle’s King then a rose is the Garden’s Crown..and it certainly can adorn..the graves, or as garlands to welcome thee..roses are roses always for me

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Fashion for you :)

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