My friend ( by unknown)



If I could catch a rainbow

I would do it just for you

and share with you it’s beauty

on the days you are feeling blues


If I could build a mountain

You could call it your very own

A place to find serenity

A place to be alone


If I could take your trouble

I will toss them in the sea

But all these things I am finding

are impossible for me


I couldn’t build a mountain

or catch a rainbow for you

but let me tell you one thing, that I can do

I can be your friend, who will wait for rainbows to appear

I will climb the mountain, if I can be near

I can scale down trouble, if impossible to disappear

I can smile and hug you, if its okay with you my dear 🙂



Smile its free


Wishing never cost anything and hoping doesn’t either. Using the energy each morning brings, is a must for living another day. It  may be good or bad, happy or sad but if I can last, till it pass, I must make it the best. Sometimes, I waste in living  my past memories, because I want to smile . Other’s I am too occupied even to grasp a joke, that was meant to bring and that gets me happy because its the only activity that pays and gets appreciated and also adds an identity to me, other than my name. 

I read  articles and write my thoughts, and get away with it too. 🙂


Love is as you feel it

Love is a poetry and we write as we feel


sometimes it is on fire

sometimes we describe it as a desire

we keep it, we give it

we take it with us everyday

Love is a friendship that has caught fire

and we never want it to be put off


Love is a feeling



Love of mother is pure and forever

Love of sister caring and smiling

Love of a brother overwhelming and strong

Love of children are like a sunshine

Love of wife is sweet as honey

Love of husband sought by many

Love of friends always in demand

Love of uncle gifts & rides

Love of aunts swinging till dawn

Love of lovers sensual and sexy a flower described by many as fragrance and beauty


Burning ( DS magazine)

Burning ( DS magazine)

The other side….


Ayaka Ito (Ds magazine)

The artist has used a technique..but the real beauty shows how images or pictures even when fragmented gives a complete  picture.Image