The little boy with bare body and a tiny cap..admired the bird in the cage..looking from far..a photographer captured was a prisoner of poverty and another caged for eternity.

The bird could see the sky so high, and felt the urge to say goodbye to the little master..if he  let her go..wanted to feel the wing spread as it could fly..and the wind carrying it high and high..The bird was  hoping that one day perhaps I can test the strength of my wings.But the little master ..couldn’t understand her woes.

The little master was also caged, his was the invisible  cage of poverty and limitations.He wanted to play and study as his age children did, but he was never free. He had to work from dawn to dusk, and get few  pieaces of bread .

Each day, he thought when will the morning dawn, when his time will come to rise and shine, will he be able to compete or the world that seems so wide and big..small hands held the cage door..and wanted to let go his prisoner free..hoping one will fly and feel good..that little master had compassion for thee.Imagee

Do I know you ;)

Friends like me are of no use

I forget you on a daily basis

I expect you to accept this status

And when nobody gets my call, but you

I suddenly decide to be with youtumblr_maahyhYmx01r3e62yo1_500








you ..the cool dude..

I feel so sure around you

It is true that I hardly remember you

and you faintly know me

I am the faded friend in memory

but I have you to depend on again

I know ..that I am a pain

will vanish again

when others come my way

if they plan to stay

I will go offline when you get online

and remain in touch with them

next..time I get so irritating and bad

just don’t answer my pleads to be

your need

of a heart that understand me

is but you I really know you ?