First of July  First of July  has made us aware..that flowers got petals..fragrance and beauty to share..half the year  has  passed what have we spread..hatred.. love..understanding, abusive language ..are we really aware !! Half the year  has passed and  nothing has improved.. in fact we have gone from bad to worse…yet flowers bloom…clouds float and felt..only humanity has died in the midst..

Thank you

Thank you

I know, it is not a rose just a leaf

But, it is soft as petals could be

I want to say, thank you again

I give you a petal, as a rose my friend

take and keep it, under your tree

with dozens other leaves 🙂

when this leaf crumbles and turns brown

keep on smiling, never frown

it was given to you as thank you note 😉

so do something good for me again

for instance, reading my poetry

or laughing at my jokes

sharing my thoughts, provoking me to work

I will give you many more thank you notes

fresh from the tree, priceless possesions

you can keep…we are friends indeed.