Said the rose to the dews

I feel good with you

you come in the morning

freshen me up a bit

My days get started with a laugh

Dews were the tears that morning left on thee

My dear sweet petals, love is always free

You may value me

But you know for sure

dews stay in morning and then are no more

if you want I shall come

Or I will watch you from far

Flowers are much more important

than any dews on the tar

Rose and waves

The red rose is me

Looking at the ocean waves

I feel the sunlight on my face

So fresh, so bright a great taste

I wait for you, and it is late

As I wait,

I smile and think

What will you finally bring?

Flowers, chocolates or a drink?

I am dreaming along the shore

I know you will come, quite sure

Even for a moment,

if not more

That one smile fills my heart

I glow 🙂

I feel so happy, you don’t know

It is like love embraces me

with warmth and ease

I am not lonely

You, my sweetheart

You are with me

It is lovely

The best friend

A dog is a man’s best friend, loves unconditionally, is faithfully loving.

Fetches all that you throw away, happily and safely.

Smiles when you come, wags tail jumps around.

Celebrates your presence , as if you are his soul mate

Understands your feelings and vibes

Protects you always

What more can you ask of anyone?

It is so much fun