First of July  First of July  has made us aware..that flowers got petals..fragrance and beauty to share..half the year  has  passed what have we spread..hatred.. love..understanding, abusive language ..are we really aware !! Half the year  has passed and  nothing has improved.. in fact we have gone from bad to worse…yet flowers bloom…clouds float and felt..only humanity has died in the midst..


Woman :) A poem a rhyme

Soft, gentle, loving and kind

Who comes to your mind ?

A woman,is intoxicating as wine

She will be forever your’s, just offer to “be mine”

Why do you ridicule and abuse with words and fist

Why does her soul and body bear marks, when she resists

She is a woman, a source of joy

Do not play with her emotions, she is no toy

Respect her, trust her and be kind

She will make your life as bright as sunshine



Does it matter to me ?


All that I can be

is not more than me

is that enough ?

Or should I get tough

Improve my self

review potentials

will I depend or lead ?

what do I want ?

Why do I fear ?

From responsibilities

Hard work and help

I am finding now

What matters to me 

What I can be for everybody

not just for me

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Seek again


I left that path

It did lead somewhere

I know it was safe

where they wanted to be

It was their destiny

But I couldn’t follow them blindly

although I was blinded by them

then I asked myself

Do I know where I want to be?

Have I ever been there

No answers  no replies

my mind was empty

Still I want to go

where my heart takes me

Somewhere  there is peace

Paths unknown

I will risk my time and make new  roads

if none exists and life ends  before I reach

there is no more

yet I know..I have followed my ways

I will not regret nor flee

Safe paths are not for me

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Hybrid last for moments..originals forever and more

If its forever

It will take time to grow

whether it is a potato

a relationship or more

Life is like a painting

events make it a collage

but if  it get disbalanced

it turns out as an eyesore

hybrid can not replace original

if you can understand my woes

Bought an American name brand

from the Elite’s store

it was labelled , “Made in China”

outsourced 😉




Roses are always awesome :)


Why are roses so popular..something so acceptable. Red, pink, black or blue

when its a rose, that I give to you..a smile flashes  on your lips a gift of fragrance, 

a soft kiss to your heart, you can not miss. 

Other flowers are beautiful too, has lovely  fragrance and colors too, but you seldom find it easy to carry away, tucked in your hair, or the coat’s pin..roses are easy to settle in..when the petals are floatin in scented water, you just stare at it and feel forever..that softness only a rose petal brings..sparrows are cute but nightgale sings..I think  if Lion is JUngle’s King then a rose is the Garden’s Crown..and it certainly can adorn..the graves, or as garlands to welcome thee..roses are roses always for me

Laughter Poetry

Do I know you ;)

Friends like me are of no use

I forget you on a daily basis

I expect you to accept this status

And when nobody gets my call, but you

I suddenly decide to be with youtumblr_maahyhYmx01r3e62yo1_500








you ..the cool dude..

I feel so sure around you

It is true that I hardly remember you

and you faintly know me

I am the faded friend in memory

but I have you to depend on again

I know ..that I am a pain

will vanish again

when others come my way

if they plan to stay

I will go offline when you get online

and remain in touch with them

next..time I get so irritating and bad

just don’t answer my pleads to be

your need

of a heart that understand me

is but you I really know you ?


My diary

Life events are the ink

Years are pages

I used each one

to scribble, draw and write

Never could I erase it

Rules never permitted

Each moment was an exam to pass

results popped up in phases

sometimes I wrote  on other’s pages

and they wrote for me too in delight

few times we did fight

wrong  or right

I can’t remember 

once out of sight

mostly, I was the lone writer

I am sure, my blank pages 

that I have in store

are getting used up..and one day

there will be no more

for me to write on

that day will be the last page of my life

as someone else will write for me

wrap me and bury me 

it would mark my end

and be an event for other’s  life

Pages..that is ages are gone 

Events  of ink got dried up

I would cease to be,

except for the last ink

written with tears, when eyes did blink

remembering me..once more

last .eventful..then..its all long time ago..


Leave me alone


I have made a mess of the floor as you see

so leave me alone 😉

but get me fries, pizza, freeze-up and ice

but leave me alone :))

as you leave, turn on the music and a/c

do leave me alone :))

I want to eat , relax, listen to music and be ‘me”

me , me , me

return only..

after I had eaten everything, 

enjoyed the music  in peace

in my place

leave me alone..

return only to clean 😉



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Burning flames


The flames they crackle to speak

I will not sleep

I know the heat

I feel the pain

for someone’s dreams

to burn and turn to dust..

was it a waste..all this wait

life passed ..and I never could trust

any one’s love ..nor guts