Shine away


Even when clouds surround

when the sun goes down

you do frown

look up..its dawn

sun is up

lighting your world

and someone’s love

lots of hugs

each day smile

on her face…just for you

and her heart is true

God bless you :))


Shattered dreams

Shattered Dreams

When poverty is your enemy

Greed is your boss

You are living in agony

Dying at no cost

Hunger looms like a demon

Are you wailing at your loss?

Dreams were not so many

Yet, its an irony

the one you got ..was lost

under the collapsing building

when you tried to safe her from pain

But, death was what you met in end

All we see, what you lost again



Reaching for me

Reaching for me

Depth of ocean and freedom of breeze
are you reaching for me..wet to dry
waves to winds..are you coming for me
I am trying to touch you, just to feel
once or more, in dream or real
my fingers tip..or lips 😉


Right or Wrong :)


If you knew from right to wrong

would you help me write this song

has to be short  & sweet not long

If Good is bad, then happy  is sad 

Day is night, and dark is light

Loose  is tight

Black is white

When I sing, you can write

we can argue, but no fights 🙂

when get upset, hug me tight;)

we are friends, so it is only right

to know what is wrong and what is right :))



Why?  who ?  what ? and where ?

Went my life, here and there

He got a wife, yet he swears

I am so lonely, nobody there

Woes and worries

thoughts and scares

No one wishes , anything fair

Why we want ways

that;s not  there

Is it wrong, to be aware

Of the reason for a tear

Whenever it appears

I   wish for you dear

That in your life happiness is near

All problems solved, nothing to fear

Why, When, who to gear?

Got control only here

Yes my mind is wild but clear

I take no chances ,drink  no beer

Wonder, why , Woeful tears

Come my way, when I read King Lear 😉


I ask why ?

Exists..but why?

Do you laugh or cry?

Do you ever smile, when I say “hi”

Or you frown, and look at the sky

Do you want egg boiled or fry 😉

Do you exists to only die?

Do you speak, and lie

Why do you exist ? Tell me why?

To get answers, do you ever try?

Or you exist, but don’t know why.

If, you can not answer, climb up high

Look down, does it make you fly?

Nope,  only elevated but no wings sire

Why you climbed up high?

When you don’t know where to find answers for why?

because I asked you ?

That’s why!!

Oh ..then you exists in a choir

for you lost your voice and desires

You can not exists..without  inner fire