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Without me

If you can find happiness without me

then I am not your happiness

If you can feel loved without me

My love was never enough in real

If you can feel complete without me

I was never part of you, see

But I define happiness with you

my love as you

Feel complete with you

You can not change that too

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Don’t be sad nor mad

What are you doing?

Yelling in rage?

Complaining complaining

No work no wage

Calm down sit still

Think a bit till

you see people sick n ill

Covid 19 has killed

You are lucky

You inhale and exhale with will

Live your life Love your wife

human relationship humor Laughter Life love

Dreams are dear

Tonight close your eyes

dream without fear

someone will come by

close to be near

someone will forget you

some you will remember

But tonight do dream

a dream without fear

Not all dreams come

to bring you tears

some are like fantasy

keep those dear

if someone hurts you

doesn’t matter dear

You have to be nice

even if it tears

Try to remember me

in your night with love

Maybe you will find me

In the roof top above

I am little dreamer

I visit many at times

find me dear


Treasure is you

Luck brings in treasure

My treasure is you

I lost myself and then

found me in you

When I look into your eyes

I see myself smile

When I close my eyesI feel you close by

Like the heart that beats

soft subtle and neat

You, my friend

Are cute indeed

human relationship humor Laughter Life love

I have a crown

I am the King

I have a crown

If you are disliked

I will frown

When I say something

Keep looking down

I am the king.

Can order you to be gone

I have my palace

It is filled with songs

If you can listen

pick up one now

If you like to smile for long

if you do not, something is wrong

human relationship humor Laughter Life love


Questions you ask me

Sometimes I have the answers

At others, I don’t

Simple is the situation

Maybe I don’t know

Can you take a, “No”

Or must I let it go

Tell me why you ask me questions

If answers you already know 🙂

Is it that you want me to understand

A topic or a feel

I am totally knocked with puzzles

Those that hurt but never heal

human relationship humor Laughter Life love Poetry

Why you want me

Friends you want in life..

you want to know

why the other wants you so

Do you think

I am deep or shallow

Is it just friendship,

or no?

or do you have a list to make after I go

what do you expect from a friend who is far?

Who can neither hear your voice,

nor laughter

who can not hug you in depression

who can not lift you,

in your fall

Just wish you a happy day,

with a genuine smile

that is all :))

human relationship humor Laughter Life love Poetry

I call you with love

What’s in the name

All the names I call you

I call you with love

In loving whispers

In melody

In Ecstasy

I call you with hope

To be with you

and see you smile at me

Even from the other side

Even for a moment in time

My sweetest Buddy

Smart Sunny 🙂

human relationship humor Laughter Life love

if there is ..

If there is no tomorrow,

then there are no more sorrows.

If there is no tomorrow

it last time for me to borrow,

some smiles, some tears,

some lonely hearts to cheer.

For tomorrow I may not be here

human relationship Life love

You and me

The waves came to me

Standing in between the trees

I felt happy,

I was free

In my minds were your memories

In my heart the last pleasantries

I smiled and walked towards the sea

Here the waves greeted me

Kissed my feet and held my ankle

Told me never to leave

It was a moment of peace

I watched the sunset

It was not last

But it did lasted for a while

I felt so calm, I felt so fresh

As if the moment was in flesh

I smiled again as I stared at sky

Breeze was touching my scarf

I felt your touch it was so warm

Like your loving tight arms