I miss you

When you don’t send me flowers

my lips are sealed

When you don’t send me chocolates

Sad is what I feel

When you don’t wish me goodnight

I can not simply sleep

When you don’t say, I miss you

I want to scream

🙂I brood and remember All flavours of ice cream

we had together in my dream

Luck brings in treasure

My treasure is you

I lost myself

and then

found me in you

When I look into your eyes

I see myself smile

When I close my eyes

I feel you close by

Like the heart that beats

soft subtle and neat

You, my friend

Are cute indeed

Our rendezvous

When you come to meet me

Bring me flowers

Bring some fragrance too

When you come to walk

Bring your thoughts with you

We can share a moment or two

We can have a dinner for two

Some fruits will do

Will share together the juice

I will bring my laughter

You can bring your love

I will bring my eyes that search you

Bring your smiling self , that is so true

We will spend hours together

Feeling the waves that steals sand dunes

Hold my hand, will you?

Walk slowly, feeling the breeze

Keep steady, in the moon light

You want the candles too?

Bring your matches with you

I have worn your chosen colour

I have come across the ocean

Just to meet you

You can meet me in something new

Like black trousers , white shirt and no shoes?

Feeling good?

Lastly, If I ask you

How are we, tell the truth

Don’t say, I love you

If you don’t 🙂