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Your Spouse :)

Your much treasured partner , “your spouse”   is definitely not a mouse. You can not trap nor control , you can find him and enroll.

In your life, for thick and thin..your spouse is like your skin. Covers your tender parts and never expose, your faults and miseries that you secretly disposed. Of course, your spouse knows you inside out. He was the ears, you could tell truth and lies, you smile at all his stupid jokes..not because you feel is just because he gets you confused..what he meant and what actually he said…makes you realize, he lose control when you are in sight you power over him in real..was that part of the deal ?

Your spouse, is good for cuddle too ..from behind you curl up and forget blues. he is there, nodding his head to let you speak..he seldom listens but..still he tries to please. You know very well, he will be there for you, just as you are always with him.. 100% true !

In life, we seek a soul mate ..but spouses are better. You can be his lover, friend and savior..he gives you immense opportunities to prove and improve ,at work and at home. Love your spouse, for all his faults and facts…respect him, please him and let him do the same for you..Your spouse is there only for you !!! 

keep him for good and enjoy each day of married life.


Hello :)


Small hi..makes instant effect..on lips it brings a smile

in mind we feel relaxed..heart gets a lift..and you return a hello 🙂

how are you? how is life ? its all about the other person..feels good to know and let each day..take out time from your busy schedule and text, call or meet those who are important on a daily basis..that doesn’t mean to barge into another’s life..just a short hi …

I do that..often..and feels good 🙂 try it 😉

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Ladies value your catch ;)

Ladies value your catch 😉.


Alarm Clock :)

Alarm Clock 🙂.