When I was young

I had a sharp tongue

screamed on top of my lungs

swayed away, strayed and lunged

Quick in mind and words

Survived those days

got away with murder

Not now..no more

I realized one thing for sure

words can be friends

can make enemies to end

I now think and say

each day..a bit no more that I can admit

to have said it almost sweet and right

press lips tight..no fights

Life is better than before

Youth may have gone

smile is set on lips

no more need to bite the tongue tip

Last night

Last night you tip toed in my dream and I could feel that you wanted me ?
I was sleeping in my dreams 🙂 It was a dream within a dream , you bought me ice cream. I wanted chocolate but you had blue berry and strawberry whipped with full cream. Still , I ate and smiled , not because the flavors were good..because you didn’t let it melt. Last time you brought me a cake, it was hot was recently baked and had lots of dry fruits and cream…no it was not ice cream cake.. a different idea.when you left and I woke up this morning…you were still sleeping..I think..you were washing the bowls I ate from…or was that cup ?
I was smiling and the morning was great..good to know you never leave me alone..awake or sleeping…hmmmmm
This time bring me a juice…something tangy that I can not refuse…cool and light…fresh and whit..or clear..whatever you bring for me..is always dear.

Life is always great :)

Married life is best 😉 Oh..well..life is all about a good wife..sometimes people describe a woman/man more like an entertainer and service provider..few complain about weight and high expenditures..there are no exceptions..as the old saying goes..men want their women to never change and women want their men to change for good.

I think about this often..it feels..women use themselves as bait..and men want to eat a good one…not a lousy rotten thing. And men..hmmm I think men want to escape..so they show all their vices..and women are thinking..I am so good..I will change all that and make him better..from bitter…

In one way or another..there are expectations, failures, defeats, anger and lies..vows are forgotten and good times are buried..deep..Now..is that reasonable..nope..Why is chasing fun and keeping not 🙂 Persistent efforts gets you the prize..and your consistent bragging or nagging, makes you lose it.

Snap out of it..before you get snapped out . Was that a philosopher..hmmm seldom have I seen any philosopher with a loving doting wife. Where was I? Yes..a tug of war and lots of love..with many children and you get sobered and bored..you get into an affair..and you are not actually treating it seriously..you keep on telling yourself..this is an inspiration or boost for keeping your married life in good health..Really ?

Well…we have reasons and causes..reasons to defy and causes to deny..Nothing happens ..yet..we like this thrill that can kill..are we born thieves..that to sneak and peek is a pleasure indeed..Life is good…I still say married life is better.

PS..I am a wife 🙂 no..I didn’t try to change my husband ..he just got inspired by my ways.

Come September

Days to remember

when we were together

as friends forever

we tried tricks, so clever

we were  always so close

our friendship was beautiful as rose

yet thorns had to prick..

you promised me to stick

years  in life together

but you left me alone to weep

you drifted in eternal sleep

when now I close my eyes

tears fall silently..as I cry

I miss your smiling lips

my closest friend..how I miss

when you called my name from far

Now I waved at you looking at  a star

I hope you hear my heart

I feel you close still

I know you are with me

you promised ..never to leave

I believe you..I do believe..

death can not take  you away

although buried deep in sand

I close my eyes and see..

you are looking at me.

I ask you one last request

smile once again for me

as you always did

its love..its free

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Staying Happy


To smile even if there is no reason..means you have every reason to smile.
Life got ups and down, when tragedy strikes it makes us sad and we must cry..feel pain and remain silent or wail.Then a timer inside our mind must make us get away from past and move on to future. Each day if not tragic, then no reason to make it sound boring and uneventful.
Why is it so important to feel happy and to smile . It makes you more energetic and lets you focus on other issues rather than be just looking at yourself. Happy people are no different from those who remain dull or sad, except for their attitude. They have decided to live in the moment. To grasp life as they live it.
They are realistic, in identifying what are their limits and boundaries. It does not put a barrier to their vision, it makes them explore potentials in the known for avenues not known before.
Usually, they will maintain cleanliness but would not freak out. They balance the issue with magnitude. Feeling a certain ecstasy is definitely a treat but cumulative enjoyment leads to contentment and peace.
Happy people are not perfectionist, for they understand that mistakes are inevitable and everyone can make it, just as they can..so can others too..they don’t yell or scream 🙂
Lastly, they expect less and deliver more..so they remain thankful for the returns they get and if some don’t return kindness with respect and gratitude,they let it go.

Happy people are like honey, bees come to collect sweetness and smiles from them, so they are seldom lonely. They give hope, courage and reason to work harder, think deeper and love freely.
Be happy..Stay happy :))

Smile for me

When you look at my tired eyes

and see no hope, no love , no life

Can you make me smile

If I told you how pretty I looked

how well I danced tonight

when the lights went off

and sound turned off

I just had a shadow to know the flow

of a melodious tune,

hummed in my thoughts

Can you smile for me ?

If I told you , I don’t care

I am arrogant and I dare

I am lonely but I can fare

Can you feel ?

And understand  whats wrong with me

Will you smile with me?

Smile..for me, with me and make me smile

knowing..there wasn’t much to smile for you

except..for me.

friends in life

When I was growing up

My elders explained

Life is a gift

Do not grumble nor complain

Keep your mind open

Always be sane

We are all humans

But, follow the saints

Learn new things

But never get confused

Know right from wrong

try not to blow up your fuse

You have one life

But chances are many

Be selective when you get to pick any

Make good friends and keep them

You will need them in life

Whenever your spouse yell

Or boss makes your life hell

The hearts and mind of friends

are great comfort in time

they always keep your friendship

and you, in good and bad time