Are you sleeping ?

Sleeping is important too..its lack leads to hypertension, obesity , disbetics and memory loss…that is dangerous..Our memory s based on acquisition, then consolidation and finally recall.

Acquisition :Learning or experiencing something new.

Consolidation : Making this learning become stable..

Recall : when needed, this information would be available.

Acquisition and recall is obviously, during the time you are awake..but it is your sound sleep that checks and conforms your information and stores it in your brain as a memory.

So , while you are sleeping and mind is storing..and suddenly you wake up or keep on getting is like..your storage is unlisted and loss. Hence, all that you learned  gets distorted. Remember, before exams you must sleep :)) that is for making your learning effective, while you sit for your examination.

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What if your sleep is disturbed and that is making you forgetful .

Then it seems, you have to do some work for getting a sound sleep 😉

  1. Exercise regularly
  2. Eat balanced meals
  3. Relax..or be calm before you decide to sleep
  4. Take a warm bath, read a poetry, get some peace..
  5. Turn off lights, make your bed delicious and partner happy 🙂
  6. DO NOT keep computer/laptop/mobile phone and television, in your bed room if you already are having difficulty in sleepi.