Nature Picture

Snow captured -DS magazine

This year was cold my dear

They did try to clear

roads, roofs, flowers and trees

But, as you can  see

Snow laden over mountains and streets

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art Poetry

A poem for winter :) in response to whocouldknowthen Haiku

Winter has a magical touch
Snow fall urges hands to feel
the cold and numbness, that is real
we cover , we shiver, we attempt to deal
winter is a fairy on wheels :)

Will not hibernate
will not miss..this light silvery kiss
snow covers..where grass has died
winter has come to bring an end
to cycle of life..for a new beginning

Trees are bare and we tend to share
warmth of heart..we sing we care
sun when glares..we tend to stare
at the chilling one can see
just feel…it is real

Marcus Moller Bitsch
Marcus Moller Bitsch