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View Point

In a physical context, where you stand or sit, even lay down and turn your head in a certain direction that is your viewpoint. The photographer does many sittings to capture a shot in long hours.We enjoy daily photographs on our Facebook, scenery, birds, big cats, wilderness and so on.

Each picture is awesome, brings a shine to our eyes.The painter brings up the concept from inner emotions and with colours, textures, forms a painting. His view may be different from that of a viewer. Some will appreciate others would not go inside his mind. His strokes, balance, composition, selection of medium speaks about his level of mastery. We the ordinary people enjoy the work and feel happy.

Sculptors are amazing, they chisel out something from solid rock. When you see the beginning and the end, you have a question. Really? But, he has actually carved it out

A poet writes his song or poetry, and we read or listen. The feelings with which he writes may not get absorbed or synched with our feelings, yet we may grasp something. When a singer then sings with a melody, it has a totally different level in its impact.

When we write a letter, comment, biography or report, we have in our mind a target group. We never write for ourselves, we write for a reader. This reader may at average has a reading capacity of 10th grader if you use difficult words in every sentence, the interest level will drop and pages would get skimmed and never read.In all our conversations, we have a you-viewpoint, which is a very old concept but still works.

The you-viewpoint that has been used is to be careful about the other person emotions and being conscious about your own achievement. With friends we normally are relaxed they are not a target group to benefit us. But, yes we should be very careful in posting images, comments, sharing songs etc, it may get a warm welcome or may shock/ annoy them.

if we keep on annoying them, one day will get left alone and have only our viewpoint which is not very educating.

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How to balance it out ?

We judge..each action and words included..and then we decide how to act or write in our response. We..react to actions like a bouncer. What if, we were insensitive to the issue and busy in giving a reply ?It will hurt or disturb the initiator of any action.

We, must care for other’s feelings other’s feel; for basically two reasons, first we as human being are responsible in sending hate and love  emotions and secondly we are accountable for our actions.

The easy way to handle sensitive issues is, to be kind if you want to do justice in any situation , for when we try to be just..we sometime fail and do harm  or get cruel.

People sometimes comment,”I was straight forward, but at least I was honest” that approach will not do, we must be honest sweetly..and effectively. To lie is a sin, but to hurt is also a sin..we must learn to speak truth ,sensibly sensitively sincerely.

That will make us silent in many situations. which is beneficial for sometime, this deafness makes action louder and we register it clearly.

Life is a balance, like a bicycle ride, keep on rolling , ride it  ! for when you stop you will either fall or must put your foot down.

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Befriend your enemy..make him your friend ;)

Can you share laughter with someone who hates it..even when you smile ? Can you sit and talk with someone who gets irritated the moment you step inside his space..Can you enjoy a meal with those who wished you were dead..Can you befriend your enemies knowingly ..and for how long ? Will it not drain your energy..fill you with tension so much that you will explode..and get splattered all over the life..think again before you dive into the burning hell , called hatred of enemies .
Who are your enemies ? The group who is jealous, who is against your ideologies, your presence ..your participation..who loves to back bite about you..and want to see you fall dead..or get bruised and abused..
When I was asked this question by a remarkable blogger..I replied with a simple No 😉
Yes..I was thinking about myself..not about those who hate capacity is not that much I take in all sorts of garbage and still be able to smile.
But..will rescue you if you are drowning in the sea that got flames as high as mountains and deep as oceans..beware of misfortunes and will not die in peace nor live with smile.Can you take a dip in ocean of hatred filled with invisible enemies?