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Are we protecting or destroying?

If we let our children get away with wrong doings ,simply by ignoring the act or covering it up, without a flinch are we protecting them or pushing them towards destruction?

There is always a punishment/control for a mistake/crime , and it starts with a mistake , unintentional in the beginning and later intentional. A child lies and plays, thinking  that it is right.. if in a joking way, parents ignore and don’t tell them how it will later develop into a bad habit. The child repeats and slowly finds out , that  a lie can protect him from many odd situations , his habit of lying he cheats..then he plans a fraud and finally embezzles . Lands up in jail or kills someone in real.

His value system becomes weak , and reduced to tatters because his sense of recognizing a sin is not actually making him stop. Why we learn and where we learn, has no excuse for continuing to practice wrong notions, even though we  acknowledge that our values are immoral. We further indulge in self deception, by  telling our inner voice ,”others are liars too “,  I lie only when I get into a tight spot. Convenient !  isn’t it ?

Suppose there is a fire burning and engulfing the area, would we run or stay as others get burned and charred..we run 🙂 we escape that pain and possible death..we are trying to protect our life. Then why not protect our soul ?

Protecting ourselves and our children must include  learning and teaching good moral values ,it doesn’t matter if 90% of population where we reside have wrong thinking , remember only that darkness is everywhere but light source even if limited can enlighten everyone anywhere..

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Which one is uglier

People are connected and divided by emotions, feelings and attachments. What hurts us more? biased opinions or favoring high ups ? We, the normal people who are destined to succeed with hurdles in our way .
Sometimes it is racism, others it is religious beliefs and more than often economic status that we achieved or inherited .
Each day , we wake up to remain alive and at night we are happy that we survived, the battle of words, the scheming of plots and cornering of courage..we are looked down , as if this status was created by us.
We..are trying not to be pulled down by those who discriminate and am fighting to resists that push from those who despise us due to their “biased opinions”.
What hurts us most is, when our family starts to think like the others who have judged us with in-just.
It is ugly to be hated by others and uglier to be let down by those who are important and close to our heart.
Give us a chance, be patient and content..we are alive and have a live and be free…or soon we will become intolerant and rebellious tear down all the values that are blocking our become those whom you admire…But that what we want ?…
no…never..we want to be ordinary people..we got our self respect and that is our pride and matter how you smear and jeer at us..we are who we are the majority ..we the people


You have it but do you want it too ?


A faceless figure with no outstanding attribute

lurking inside you like a devil’s own soul

making you miserable , cranky and old

Jealousy the mother of all evils..that’s what I am told

Partner of Devil

Cousin of Malice

Follower of Lies

Child of Revenge

Will tear you up the end

Where ever Jealousy reigns

Darkness and fear looms

Honesty has no room

Always scheming for a perfect doom

It’s goal to bleed and slaughter

Adams’ sons and daughters

has no remorse no feel

Not an entertaining fantasy..but real

Eject it before others reject you

So..what can be done?

Can you run ?


But, you can try one antidote 

Forgive, others in whatever they do 🙂

What I am telling you true ..

Because..I tried it works just fine

You will feel clean and blessed divine




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You are Special :)

Born great or achieved a measure only of success in areas you thrived to exists. What makes you great ? Or successful, is judged only by yourself. Your aims and your goals, how you target and when you realize those, virtual and real world. Both, are now the scales to be considered.

The rating, followers, links or friends , is about how you use those. People are calculative, they invest and expect return, in business and in life. They mostly, would re-act to actions. Others inspire and lead, those are the leaders, they have  aim to serve “the people” , their goal is not only about themselves, rather about the areas they want to focus at, which may be humanity or politics, discovery or invention. Then, there are dreamers, they close their eyes and imagine, more into literature or art work, the words are actions and colors their life.

Although, many in between ranges  exists, yet fame has been a crown, that  makes you a King or a Clown. The popular theme, be yourself, means not to be someone you are not . yet..but you want to be..and in this progress if you place the title before the qualification, it retards your development. Makes you a fake too, people ridicule you and tell everyone that you”lied” .People are basically radars, they watch you and seldom look into themselves.

Be special, by being an improved “you”. Never change, because you can hardly change but try to think how other’s feel about you..and then make life easy for yourself and others too.

You may be ordinary, with limited followers or friends..but to them if you are special , then you can proudly say,” I am Special”


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How to balance it out ?

We judge..each action and words included..and then we decide how to act or write in our response. We..react to actions like a bouncer. What if, we were insensitive to the issue and busy in giving a reply ?It will hurt or disturb the initiator of any action.

We, must care for other’s feelings other’s feel; for basically two reasons, first we as human being are responsible in sending hate and love  emotions and secondly we are accountable for our actions.

The easy way to handle sensitive issues is, to be kind if you want to do justice in any situation , for when we try to be just..we sometime fail and do harm  or get cruel.

People sometimes comment,”I was straight forward, but at least I was honest” that approach will not do, we must be honest sweetly..and effectively. To lie is a sin, but to hurt is also a sin..we must learn to speak truth ,sensibly sensitively sincerely.

That will make us silent in many situations. which is beneficial for sometime, this deafness makes action louder and we register it clearly.

Life is a balance, like a bicycle ride, keep on rolling , ride it  ! for when you stop you will either fall or must put your foot down.

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Mid-life crisis- Forty and after

Life is all  about living. Phases pass, initially we are trying to learn how to live, then we get independent and on our feet 🙂 we become leaders, doers and family makers. We, have our accomplishments and regrets..then it’s time to be a leopard..the  strength and experience in life and our work, gives us that towering confidence..but..what makes people get trapped in mid life crisis ?

Is it that they failed to achieve targets ?

they want to be experienced and not age

or they are getting pressurized by family, friends and relatives.


At are at please..don’t try to be 20s..just wait and look at yourself..weren’t you a bit weird at twenty now you got style and class…words are flowing and makes sense. Ah! not really 🙂

Well..each age has its advantages and try to accept that and make the best of it. No worries, just few regular habits would make this smooth transition into 50 s and 60 s.


Couples must get more romantic and less sexy 😉 if that what you are afraid of..remember it is the love which means much more than lust..Companionship is warm and comforting.

The feeling of emptiness and loneliness with kids gone from your house makes you feel empty.. a certain level of depression..but it also gives you more time to concentrate on those things you never had time reading a book without anyone pulling you.


Look at the bright side.. you get the better part to enjoy. yes..playing with the grand kids and spoiling them ;)) revenge .hee hee.


Relax and take life easy,you earned this luxury..but do keep working to afford it for longer time.


Friends and family members die..your group disappears and sometime your spouse is longer with you. Your social circle gets limited. People who used to wait for you are one remembers you take black coffee in the morning..there is no one who shared their youth with you..or knows what a chubby person you were…they are are still alive..So remember them but don’t must stay well..get some exercise and take your health more seriously. Bones will give indication, and skin will feel rough.. You had it tough..but you smiled then and now can too..just try..will  you?


Arthritis, blood pressure, diabetes etc now has become constant companions..just make sure you tackle them as cleverly and remain healthy and be regular with walks or a good swim. You faced tough times in financial some money while you earn and invest wisely..hold on to remaining family , neighbors, relatives and virtual friends. All are sources of inspiration and positive thinking.

One day, you will be gone and this chapter would end..but then..don’t die before you are dead and gone 🙂


Some one will close this left open..some one will follow you beyond life’s threshold.

Photos source..getty from web medical


How many sides I have?

Am I biased or prejudiced ? Am I the left wing or right..why do I must have a side..well..there is a paper and its white so we use a black ink ..and if the letters get smudged ..we can not read it confuses us and we re-write  or use an ink that will be smudge free..yep like the eye-liner.

When I was a student, I felt that all humans are basically same hence they feel towards  different issues in a similar manner..that was naive’ because people are from various background that has locational aspects..geography status..exposure ..economics strata..and so on and many things make us the person we are..we are rebellions or followers.

We, the sons and daughters of Adam and Eve..are totally unique at individual levels..few traits thoughts may be alike or dislikes are same..but our minds and hearts..our souls are all “unique” if I am kalabalu can be kalabalu..but still your idea behind this name will differ from means , even if we were to follow same religion, ideology or thought..our interpretation and practise will differ..

Now, I feel that although we are all humans and we have rights to be wrong or is free will..we can choose the ways we are and want to be or change it..we can be prejudiced or biased..but..we must respect other’s view..we must have empathy for their feelings..we must keep our right of expression limited to the extent that we don’t hurt another..for basically we are all matter who we are and what we do ? where I am I work or think..

We, have to accept each other and create harmony ..and respect …