You are Special :)

Born great or achieved a measure only of success in areas you thrived to exists. What makes you great ? Or successful, is judged only by yourself. Your aims and your goals, how you target and when you realize those, virtual and real world. Both, are now the scales to be considered.

The rating, followers, links or friends , is about how you use those. People are calculative, they invest and expect return, in business and in life. They mostly, would re-act to actions. Others inspire and lead, those are the leaders, they have  aim to serve “the people” , their goal is not only about themselves, rather about the areas they want to focus at, which may be humanity or politics, discovery or invention. Then, there are dreamers, they close their eyes and imagine, more into literature or art work, the words are actions and colors their life.

Although, many in between ranges  exists, yet fame has been a crown, that  makes you a King or a Clown. The popular theme, be yourself, means not to be someone you are not . yet..but you want to be..and in this progress if you place the title before the qualification, it retards your development. Makes you a fake too, people ridicule you and tell everyone that you”lied” .People are basically radars, they watch you and seldom look into themselves.

Be special, by being an improved “you”. Never change, because you can hardly change but try to think how other’s feel about you..and then make life easy for yourself and others too.

You may be ordinary, with limited followers or friends..but to them if you are special , then you can proudly say,” I am Special”