How can you identify someone who is blessed by God

That person will be simple and straight forward. Always give more than you have earned. Will accept mistakes and ask forgiveness. Never get angry on personal matters but will not like immoral behaviour. This person will be a source of happiness, will make life easy for others. Will be helpful and down to earth. If you ever meet someone with these qualities, you can make out that person is blessed.


Roots/Origin are important :)

Plants have roots to live , to connect, to survive and so do we 🙂 The homo sapiens ..we, who live everywhere and anywhere..highly mobile..mass migration and cross cultural marriages is blending our races and we write about our heritage/inheritance in percentages..who are we and why we need to relate to our roots ? Time and again..we popularize global culture and international seems logical..

Earlier everything was manufactured with location and origin, now the technology is Japaneses and is produced in Korea and assembled in China. Earlier in one geographical location, in a single factory unit a product was produced. Now, its production is scattered all over the world, where labor is cheap or raw material is in abundance the production sequence gets completed and transported to next country. Interesting, but then what should the label read..made in ?? .The originally manufactured items are lesser or not within our reach at Bangladesh.

Is Geography important..if not then why not ? Location is very much related to people and their thoughts, but as technology advanced we have crossed the boundaries to improve our living standard , rather comfort levels .Yet, we think differently and accept attributes in a variety of ways..It is but unique to belong geographically and yet connect globally. The effect of Internet has led to many changes, generations now are more on their seats than on their toes, children play but seldom in field..more they get glued to their computers or phones..their sight recede..yet their vision exceed..they have acquired skills to collect data and use software for better presentation. Artificial life..mostly indoors, children run less and play hide seek on desk top or mobile phone.

Friends are virtual, and those in real are not close to heart. A change is fast removing our roots and giving us wings to  fly..are we now birds..or insects..why we no longer belong to a nation or a location. We, have changed the way our roots were connected, now we can connect anywhere..for it is everywhere..

Will this bring an end to World Wars ? Do we still want to conquer and conquest ? Or each one of us have someone we love on the other side of this Earth.

Life Nature Social life

Pleasing everyone :)

The main issue about pleasing is raised ..making people aware that you as an individual is incapable of pleasing everyone. True 100% in reality. Having said that, let us not altogether start irritating everyone 😉

I think, we all belong to a certain community , enjoy a social set up relate to a way of life and for getting rooted , you have to follow certain customs and rules. Being born into a family is not by choice, but you can opt a way out. Get into another group.or belief..each is going to have rules. Question is..why do we need make life simple..rules requires people to behave, and that helps others to be in peace. So, rules are made to ensure a peaceful living. Some rules are biased, for example the tenant can not use the lift if the generator has to run, but the apartment owners can do that..those are rules that divides a society and is actually bringing chaos into a social setup. We should not accept it, but you can not fight it..for they have made it and you were asked to sign an undertaking that you will follow all the rules levied  on you , if you desire to reside in their apartment block. You can change your residence or save up and buy your own independent house..and say goodbye to apartment living.or, form a group raise your voice against this discrimination , get your article published and join hands with other tenants suffering due to rules that make you pay but not let you use as a resident..form a group and get it approved by the government..

Simply, it means you can choose whom to please..and leave those who can not please you. Imagine, all like minded people would leave old group/school of thoughts and form new groups/social circle.

Human beings need a social setup, for sharing sorrows and happiness, maybe it takes some effort, but it also gives you a boost. Your focus , should be to do the right thing as per your own acquired knowledge and experience,basic behavior must be good. That includes, to be polite, humble , sincere and loving with a sound sense of right from wrong, in respect of the group you belong to whether it is religious, friends circle, cause groups etc.

Pleasing is not can sing a song and please many..what is bad please at the cost of sacrificing a lie to please..that is actually destroying the entire system…So please do not refrain from pleasing others..just remember whom you please and how you do that without breaking or bending rules ( good ones) .

Live honestly, speak sweetly ,work healthy and love passionately.


blog exercise- freedom just like Kingdom..Rule of being free..from slavery of self..or another..the right to be within your “space” thought must wage a conquer another’s world ..freedom is when you are the King and things can be said and done by you are per your will for the betterment of a society..

When we break has a sense of accomplishment . The first  slavery is of self..very important to unlock the jammed ego. Set it free..and when you let it go..make sure ego forgets to return ever. What helps in liberation of spirits..knowledge and empathy..unless you can not realize the situation. Why do we need to feel so to bring into a sync of mind..heart and body..the three soldiers that  make a small army within each one of us. 

People are  important . Concepts and Ideas are essential. Discoveries are in demand..and all this aims for a peaceful and better world order. Each geographical entity, with set boundaries have a smudge edge with cultural ties and bonding. Although, each nation has its loyalties but some linkages remain with heritage .

So, few boundaries and edges are defined only with political description and cultural canvass shows larger  pictures, this hold true for countries that shared a common history. The people  then have in-built understanding and know how of customs. The freedom to choose for any one nation then must be equal, here no one can remain an enemy, even if war was fought between them in history. We..break free from ” enmity, hostility jealousy”

The three evils that feed ego to become a giant that dwarf’s our own perception.

Freedom for religion is not freedom from religion.Religious beliefs have been added and changed, but each follower has a right to be and practice ..those who don’t want to have a religion are free to live..without it..for this world has equal opportunity for each individual. No one should criticize another’s belief nor challenge . There should be freedom to opt for or out of any religion anytime in one’s life span. After death..that’s  beyond the scope of blogging 🙂

Freedom to profession. What we want to become and even earn a living through that very capability. Since, we got our own mindset, exposure and aptitude..there must be no pressure from anyone to force a subject that we can not be inspired to work with, and remain attached to for larger part of our lives.

Freedom to express..ah! the very limit that makes freedom of speech a sensitive issue. We can not violate anyone’s  idea just to be free, my circle of freedom ends where your right begins..I can not subject another  person to ridicule because I got a mouth or pen. That is cruelty. Why would any one be allowed to hurt another..and challenge their freedom ? freedom of press should not suppress other’s way of life, through propaganda and unethical writing that leads to chaos .

Freedom to live..must not  endanger another’s life. So, it seems our freedom can be possible and fulfilled, when everyone is free and no one is bounded by slavery or suppression by any kind..anywhere.



Laughing at or laughing with

Humor, the best ingredient for a good company. We, all want to smile and if possible laugh all loud, roll too. But, at what cost ? That makes a check, are we  planning to ridicule anyone and make that person an object of humiliation ? Or, we can say something funny that although, it involves a person but he  is laughing more loudly than anyone else. 

Ah! a difference, we are having fun together versus we are making fun of you 😉 Difficult ? Not really, it is difficult to make friends with people who are rude and ruthless, doesn’t care  if it breaks your heart  but would abuse you or your character , in an insulting manner and their group would  laugh at you 😦 this makes the company sad/depressing, oppressive..yes..the bullies..those who are mean and never come out clean..So..who wants to risk themselves with those who humiliate..none..unless you are boneless..

On the other hand, those who can joke with you without any personal attacks or insulting words or behavior are the people you search in a party/ crowd. They instantly bring a smile on your face, naturally no effort..The moment they appear , you get a smile by a wink they have directed towards you. They include you in their humor, in a sophisticated and sweet manner. 

The choice of words, the topic and the manner  in which they speak, makes you laugh with tears that is due to instant joy.

Satire and humor,  often seems easy but is mastered by people who have developed sensitivity to mood, occasion and word play. It is partly natural, but mostly intentional, they have inbuilt sweetness and intelligence.

The bees come to flowers for nectar , it’s the sweetness which makes them buzz around and the fly comes to garbage, its the pungent  smell that makes a crowd.

Decide, what you want to offer to those who come across you..sweetness or foul smell 😉 foul language smells real bad ..doesn’t  it ?

Daily Post Development Life Nature

Daily Post- Presentation for Children

Learn to Think 🙂

Today, for the first time I am attempting to write for Daily Post at WordPress, my audience are the children.


Children..with your  honest and fresh mind..before you start to formulate opinions. I want to tell you one basic idea.

In this ever changing information world, everyone contributes to betterment who want to positively be part of the future.

Children are the future and that makes them important. When you learn anything new , it starts with name and properties. Most of the time we have products and services, we use and we pay. But, living is not about surviving, so what ever we learn we must also learn how to use, where to use, what to use..and this decision to choose comes from within our minds.

Suppose its your weekend, and your brother wants a help in his assigment. You can help him, by teaching, showing him where to get information, telling him what he needs to do to complete his assigment etc. This method of explaining a process has come to you through experience, but when it is the first time you attempt to do anything, you need to learn to think..

How to think? You projecting your goals or aim. To get something you do some things..and that actually makes you think..what can make it happen..and a basic guideline is..your process should avoid any cheating and wrong doings..what guides you to know..what is right and wrong ?

Anything that you say in public..i.e. inf ront of others and doesn’t get criticized negatively is usually right .Ofcourse, that brings us to learn cultural values and rules of a game think we must acquire knowledge and  once we have learned facts..we relate to experiences and information from our own religion or society..and decide what is right and what is always think..before you link any facts to any action or any nation..never just follow blindly a thought..always step back and it right or it true or is it false .and check it out from written material /pictures and also with parents or teachers..

Be positive and think positively.


Life Nature Poetry

Freedom for you and me

Born free

To feel

To see

To hear

To Speak

Everyone is Born free

Not only you and me

So..respect other’s freedom

To feel

To see

To hear

To speak



Virtues should not be the reason to do vice.

Good intentions and clear thinking the two starting characteristic for doing any virtue. Goodness gives strength and courage, which makes people righteous. They keep on analyzing their actions, with a simple thumb rule.

If any action that said publicly, causes humiliation is a” vice”. That is really simple..virtues are never a secret. It is part of everyday life.

The main characteristic of a good person are that he is,down to earth , sweet and accomodating in nature. Their strength is not in yelling , rather it’s in controlling their temper.

The first precautionary step is to check self centred attitude. For them life is not revolving around ,” me “. Life is for living amicably with others.Goodness progress gets, derouted or halted if that person starts to feel proud of himself. When he  thinks, that his good actions are a favor to people.Making him judgemental , starts to climb up on a ladder of ego..eeeee gooooooooooooo..that makes him a tyrant..slowly the once virtus person becomes viciously vice. He falls into a trap, a web of self indulgence. Can not see beyond himself..too fat..too thick becomes his boastful attitude. People move away from him and he think, they are jealous..but they are in reality fed up with his self praise 😉

Knowledge and wisdom both must exists, or knowledge could blind the mind..then you are groping in the darkness of egoistic fantasy. you are following the steps into virtue be careful of the vices ..from within these are sly emotions that goes unnoticed, under the skin and seeks to posion your thinking and attitude..from positive to negative. From respecting people to making fun of those lesser or unfortunate.

Never be too sure, for you may turn sour and sorry..before you realize or know..that goodness light was put off  by, the self inflicted egoistic pride..turning you into a shadow darkness with no sight.


Life Nature Poetry

Honesty is the best policy

Honesty is the best policy

If you learn to say it with utmost care

when you can feel the words, as you share

Lies are deception, takes you to depression

suffocation, solid action

Honesty doesn’t mean to be rude

nor does it make you look like a fool

Its a highly calibrated tool

used to fix problems in life..

So be honest;)



The golden rule

Long time back, there was a farm land owned by few families. Each year they had bumper crop, slowly they became rich and richer. They also became proud of their work and harvest, slowly they turned into rude and mean people.

These farmers would boast of their annual prodcution and tell the entire village of how hard they worked and they always were able to get their crop, that made high profits. Amongst themselves, they decided to avoid their poor neighbours and distant relatives, who may come on the day they went to get their harvest. 

In their heart and mind , the weeds of selfishness and self praise has made them blind to the fact, that in their richness there is always a share for those who have lesser than them.

That morning when they went laughing at other’s inefficiency and low capacity, a strong wind passed..burning their ear lobes and once it went over their fram land, it razed everything to waste land. 

Once they reached their spot, they thought they had lost their way, and started asking each other if they have to walk further or take a different turning. But, no it was their very own farm land, but a strong wind has taken away thier fortune in a few minutes, leaving them a barren waste land. 

Feeling lost, they had tears in their eyes one of them then said,” perhaps, we needed to learn this important lessson, that result can be targetted and achieved, but bad intentions and back biting can actually harm , our work input.”