How can you identify someone who is blessed by God

That person will be simple and straight forward. Always give more than you have earned. Will accept mistakes and ask forgiveness. Never get angry on personal matters but will not like immoral behaviour. This person will be a source of happiness, will make life easy for others. Will be helpful and down to earth. If you ever meet someone with these qualities, you can make out that person is blessed.


Smile if or when happy

Reasons to be happy

There may be many reasons we smile

Many we laugh till we cry

Happiness is a state we live

It remains with us, like fragrance

Even when shadows of sorrow covers

our hopes gets tired and lost

Happiness renews our effort

to fight back to defeat

the reason for melancholy

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Come September

Days to remember

when we were together

as friends forever

we tried tricks, so clever

we were  always so close

our friendship was beautiful as rose

yet thorns had to prick..

you promised me to stick

years  in life together

but you left me alone to weep

you drifted in eternal sleep

when now I close my eyes

tears fall I cry

I miss your smiling lips

my closest I miss

when you called my name from far

Now I waved at you looking at  a star

I hope you hear my heart

I feel you close still

I know you are with me

you promised ..never to leave

I believe you..I do believe..

death can not take  you away

although buried deep in sand

I close my eyes and see..

you are looking at me.

I ask you one last request

smile once again for me

as you always did

its love..its free

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I am searching reasons to be
I am a human can you see?
Love and respect is also my need
I live for you
will you live for me
I make you laugh
Can you cry with me
Feel and understand me
Accept me
I am a woman
but am human indeed



Virtues should not be the reason to do vice.

Good intentions and clear thinking the two starting characteristic for doing any virtue. Goodness gives strength and courage, which makes people righteous. They keep on analyzing their actions, with a simple thumb rule.

If any action that said publicly, causes humiliation is a” vice”. That is really simple..virtues are never a secret. It is part of everyday life.

The main characteristic of a good person are that he is,down to earth , sweet and accomodating in nature. Their strength is not in yelling , rather it’s in controlling their temper.

The first precautionary step is to check self centred attitude. For them life is not revolving around ,” me “. Life is for living amicably with others.Goodness progress gets, derouted or halted if that person starts to feel proud of himself. When he  thinks, that his good actions are a favor to people.Making him judgemental , starts to climb up on a ladder of ego..eeeee gooooooooooooo..that makes him a tyrant..slowly the once virtus person becomes viciously vice. He falls into a trap, a web of self indulgence. Can not see beyond himself..too fat..too thick becomes his boastful attitude. People move away from him and he think, they are jealous..but they are in reality fed up with his self praise 😉

Knowledge and wisdom both must exists, or knowledge could blind the mind..then you are groping in the darkness of egoistic fantasy. you are following the steps into virtue be careful of the vices ..from within these are sly emotions that goes unnoticed, under the skin and seeks to posion your thinking and attitude..from positive to negative. From respecting people to making fun of those lesser or unfortunate.

Never be too sure, for you may turn sour and sorry..before you realize or know..that goodness light was put off  by, the self inflicted egoistic pride..turning you into a shadow darkness with no sight.


Development Nature

Dangerous Transition

There are four stages for mind to change its thinking or attitude towards living a life on earth.

First Stage : I am sure about my insight for good and evil. I choose good  and leave evil.

I am straight forward, honest and have nothing to hide nor fear.

I am an angel 🙂

Second Stage : I know what is good and evil, still for a reason or cause I opt to indulge in evil ways.

I am trying underhand dealings, manipulating ways and I got some secrets hidden away.

I am human 😉

Third Stage : I understand the values of good but then, evil ways are much easier and faster.

I got a darker side to my life, my close associates know about it, but I have convinced them

how it works. They will keep my secret too.

I am a partner with Satan. 🙂

Fourth Stage : I find goodness to be an idea, a theory only.

I have experienced and sharpen my skills in mastering the evil ways and I promote only evil.

I am the Satan 😦

Nature Poetry

When you remember to forget.

Life is all made up of memories

Mind is always so precise. Images are formed , sounds are deciphered , fragrance or odor, cold or hot. You never need to ask , mind knows it all. I sometimes want to recall names, places, dates and reasons for the rise and fall, for every mistake that was made

I want to know, what to learn and how to let go. maybe, it is an escape from age, from failures from loss, what is it?

I want to be but was unable to achieve. Wisdom, faith and honesty..that was supposed goals for me..wisdom came, faith retained and honesty..its fading away..that is what disturbing me. if I am no longer honest than I can not have faith nor be wise..I must remember not to forget, me.