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my prized possessions


No matter how trivial but a little girl does have feelings, especially if she had placed her heart into those things that reminded her of happy days. Birthday presents torn up gift wrappers, so colorful and funny, empty perfumes bottles from the dressing table of mommy, I rescued from the dustbin. Cards, that escaped getting torn. Buttons, these pop out and no one finds just under the table’s edge. I found, and by definition I was the keeper. All these treasures I collected for a whole year, and stored in the used chocolate boxes. Each night, I would sit and open my lid to welcome the moments I lived. Nobody knew the stories I made looking at these, treasured prizes.

Then one day, mommy got into a cleaning spree and I was at the school. omg. she thought, it was trash hidden in my cupboard drawers. She threw away all my memories forever!. When night came, I went to get my box and got frantic, when I did not find .I searched and searched and finally had no other option but to ask, where is my box?

What box? that trash you collected and you are actually blocking valuable storage space with this garbage.

umh 😦 I thought, trash to elders and treasures for me..they have grown but there is a lack of sensitivity.