renew it ?

My life ways..and then its no way. Some  people develop suicidal tendencies and they write about their desire to kill themselves. I read, such an article/ rather an open letter..and in the comment I wrote,” Since you decided to end your life, because  of any or many reasons..that I will not argue nor stop you. All, I want to inform you is, from this moment ..YOU ARE DEAD.. Happy ? So, renew your license to live and  start to live for others.

Stop looking at yourself, its only in the mirror that you can see..that too is a reflection not the real you. So, the real always seen by others. Those to whom you matter ..or  even if you don’t ..forget about that self pity..and hunger for satisfaction..Maybe it doesn’t exists..or if it does..its not inside you..its borrowed. 

I am talking about your happiness and contentment , with a successful life. The only life that has been a success that has helped  or improved  living conditions in the world. Once, you  decide that your wish list has other’s wishes as your own..disappointments would disappear. 

Any ideas for suicide ..well who has time for that ?