A day to celebrate love

Celebrate love for it is a gift you receive as you give 🙂

Write your name as the one who loves and is loved by family and friends.

Hearts are true love is old but it’s got value

Remember to wish love for it is the most cherished feeling.



Valentine Day

Each year we wait to greet

Valentine with sweets

Some got chocolates

Some got mint

Few have flowers

with garlands

Best is the one

who brings a smile

It will last forever in style

Lips will feel

Eyes will glee

Heart will beat

and it is a melody

Hope you all have a lovely time

with your individual Valentine

Laughter Life Poetry

The Valentine Gift


No chocolates no candies

No flowers, no treats

Valentine gift should be, to please

The heart that hopes for

The mind that accepts

The courage to face you

even when depressed,

It can be a thought
One smile, my friend

You don’t need to write ode

To love , till the end

I find it amusing,

we mark a day for expressing our love

A surprise, a shock a heart break or rejoice

when wrapped in hope, we present our self

to the thee..hoping you smile with glee

if not, acccept then rejection comes and land

right on our head , as we missed to hold with hand

the treasured life wine

my sweet Valentine.