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Words are jumbled as are thoughts

Words Are Words… write a poetry that has rhyming words not easy to form an idea that has limitations, ideas must flow like streams and oceans.Ripples and waves all makes us happy  splashed all over our face.

We play with water and earth too, climbing over mountains and sailing in boats, we capture pictures in moments we remember.

But thought.. we would forget in time, I think we recall each happiness many a times as we want to be happy again in future with the past. I do this too..when I open my treasure of memories, I feel so touched..with words that were said to me.. before..that time when we were in love, not anymore..yet you made me feel beauty within me as a light..that shines at night..

Life Poetry

Do you know ?

Do you know ?

what you don’t know 🙂

I don’t think so

For if you list what’s unknown

then you do know a bit

and that makes entry in wrong list

for you are suppose to not know

anything, any one any more

not even a name, or feel

can you then list..unknown