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married people’s fate

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Long since we got married, we forgot the taste

How it used to be, our Valentine date

So, we selected a movie, that was x-rated

and my dear husband waited at the gate

I was caught up in a meeting, got a bit late

My husband was furious, he does hate

To wait looking like a fool, for an  old date

Anyway, we were just about to start our date

A sergeant, signaled me and told me to wait

Asked, me, what are you doing up so late

I answered, this is my husband, my soul mate

He ignored my reply and asked my husband in a low voice

“What’s her rate?”

Laughter Life Poetry

The Valentine Gift


No chocolates no candies

No flowers, no treats

Valentine gift should be, to please

The heart that hopes for

The mind that accepts

The courage to face you

even when depressed,

It can be a thought
One smile, my friend

You don’t need to write ode

To love , till the end

I find it amusing,

we mark a day for expressing our love

A surprise, a shock a heart break or rejoice

when wrapped in hope, we present our self

to the thee..hoping you smile with glee

if not, acccept then rejection comes and land

right on our head , as we missed to hold with hand

the treasured life wine

my sweet Valentine.