School friends are sweet


My friends from school are true souls, never had any intentions to be rude or nasty. All were sweethearts, I met few of them last month and suddenly felt a happiness within, totally pure.

Maybe now that we are old, we have so many companions but no one can laugh with tears on lousy jokes. few can understand and accept your side of story each time you told with a new version, without labeling you as a liar. Only your friends, they know you are a real story teller, your imagination has no limits. Each version is a fantasy and they are part of it.

I laughed with them because I was so happy, not because the jokes were funny. Their company made me feel relaxed and free. Like the bird that can fly high and yell, can you see?

Oh! the unbounded love, trust and warmth felt with them will remain with me.

wish me happiness:-)

Each day is New:-)  when year pass we spend all the hours, then wait for last hour to mark the Beginning of another year. We wish close and dear,far or near a happy new year to live, love and laugh,while we are still here. No one knows if this hour is my last, I know not too. Will I last, this year through:-)  so I want to wish all, no matter summer or fall, its spring time for all, as long as flowers bloom,birds fly and butterflies beautify the world with it,s fluttering wings.

We wait and hope ,in between our working load, but we can not assure any result or conclude, what is best for you:-)  Let us think, aim and work,deligently,dedicatedly and daringly, if we pass we set new goals for next year too. But,if we fail, we will learn something new,we will adjust ,evaluate and improvise with better schedule, never giving up for hope is happiness. I wish you all happiness for each day, filled with hope:-)