I want to hope and live

Stranded and left in wild

It is always tough to decide

Must you lose your pride

is the only way to compromise

to have your journey in peace

can you allow others to deceive

they knowing, you know the truth

can they take you for a fool

or be

a coward in heart

no strength to continue  nor start 

to live freely as the birds

they worry not  more than a meal

they have a perfect deal 

with them.

I want to be 🙂


Till eternity



Woman :) A poem a rhyme

Soft, gentle, loving and kind

Who comes to your mind ?

A woman,is intoxicating as wine

She will be forever your’s, just offer to “be mine”

Why do you ridicule and abuse with words and fist

Why does her soul and body bear marks, when she resists

She is a woman, a source of joy

Do not play with her emotions, she is no toy

Respect her, trust her and be kind

She will make your life as bright as sunshine


Life Picture Poetry

I am not hibiscus nor song for you


I am a woman not dead nor rude
my skin is colored.. but am pale dude
all emotions , pain and beauty I contain
seems vanished from heart, for humanity

has gone insane..

my attire attitude

is captured and presented to world

not false..yet not true

Silent lips..closed eyes..has reasons to live..and  to die .

I am not soulless,  I am not cold.. I am not dead..I am not sold.

I am a story..remains untold..many have read..still I hold mystery in myself

as only a woman can tell..

picture by Mc Kay Jaffe ada-Ds Mag.

Life Nature Poetry




Woman..Is she a beautiful song

Will keep you strong

nothing goes wrong

when she is around


Woman is a treaure

to be found

engulfing you around

like a light

a fragrance

a smile for sure


Woman she loves you more

never turns you sore

never is a bore

you find her interesting

she does last long

in your heart

in your mind

as a soul you find

inside you

with you

young or old

woman is seldom cold