Beautiful love

The beauty of love has not much to do with how she was more to do with how she knew..” how to love” matters..when feelings are absorbed in heart..when she enters a space, and a smile lights up your eyes..her name is enough to make your head turn and look that way..As she trail her till your eyes can see..then you check ..has she reached..that love is beautiful..that needs no is when love is a way you is the breathe you take..its natural ..never a know her is not fake..she makes you smile matter what she says..she always says it..with love.

Can you leave her side..not possible for each day..she loves you more and every want to is how you want to be loved a beautiful love…sit beside her under a tree..and enjoy nature wonderfully..she will help you immensely..when you need her ways she loves you endlessly,

By kalabalu

Architect-urban designer

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