Life love Poetry

My love

It touched me so deeply in the soul.

it was so subtle and yet too bold

It said what I always felt in deep

Although loving you was a treasure

But I am afraid I will not keep 🙂

Today, I leave with a smile and tear

I know that you don’t need me

Not from far or too near

It was a wonderful time

I will remember it clear

Just will intentionally erase

Your drift away to severe

Love is a blessed canvass

It has bindings with tears

I have already lost you

I have nothing to fear

human relationship Life love Poetry

How to bring him to me

Walk along the ocean shore,

thinking about my love once more.

Watched my reflection on the beach,

thinking how can now I reach.

What will bring him back to me?

Tears won’t work. I have tried and seen.

Perhaps a song will help him feel,

how deep I feel in real.

Laughter Life

How you ink

The paths I go are blue and pink,

and white follows like a renewable link.

What I draw is not what you think.

I take time to ink.

Close your eyes and now think.

😁😁yes now it sinks

and you see it too

that’s why you winked

human relationship humor Life love Picture Poetry

Will you last

Not the first nor the last

A fling from past

A time that was

A wave that washed

A moment lived

A life passed

Nothing lasts, so shall this pass

Lost in love?

No, not so fast

human relationship Life love Picture Poetry

Let go!

let go, let go

I heard this before

when my mate pulled the ball.

Or when I was about to fall.

When my lover left me

That was a bit crazy

He was a bit upset

with me for me

and a voice I heard

whispered to me

let go, let go

take it easy

When I lost the bet

When I got really wet

when they throw me over the net

Ouch! Easy!

Let go, let go

they said from far

as I chased them for revenge in misery

Then I got matured

I would get silent and remorse

But would keep my temper cool

I thought I was the only fool

Who fell for all pranks so easily

I said to myself

Let go, let go

past is gone. It is time

To let go, my sweet.

humor Laughter Life love Picture Poetry

Confusion is that

Not empty nor sad

Not distressed, not mad

Not good nor bad

Confused is it that?

Feelings are changing too fast

tears to smile to tears back 😉

What do I lack?

Common sense !! please relax

Play a game or sleep on a mat

You will be okay after that 🙂

trust me, I had the some of that

A bit empty, somewhat sad

little distressed sort of mad

Not good and really bad

I have no reason for all that

Life love Poetry

Little things matter

Little things matter 🙂

A small hi and a smiling bye

A nod with head

A smile that flies

A connection so real

You will miss it when it dies

So, take a little effort

to go an extra mile

Some will acknowledge

Some will get tired

But, in your heart

You know you tried

To bring love and care

to encourage peace everywhere

Life love Picture Poetry

Emotions get confused

we blend, we fuse,

we emerge and diffuse

the emotions and feelings

that are clearly confused.

We want to remember and forget.

We want to lose and still get.

A love that was precious

A love with no regrets

Life love Poetry

Courage in life

Sail on and away to fulfil your dreams

Waves in the ocean are rough. It seems

Courage and practice are all that you need

Don’t lose hope or patience, don’t get weak

Look ahead, mate destination is within reach

Storms in life are trying to teach

Bravehearts are those who never retrieve

humor Laughter Life love Nature Picture Poetry

Kitten on the tree

Just wandering around and climbing a tree.
A lazy afternoon is always free.
Who can I surprise?
Who will come to me?
Looked around no one could be seen
Then a person stood beneath
Lo! he took a picture of me
I am still wondering
who can that be
Did send me the picture
I look so cute, can you see